Byrdo Stik 4 Sale!

I’ve got one stik that is currently open to serious offers. The photos were prior to wiring, but they will most likely be set up with sony dualshock pcbs. Feel free to pm me about either or if you want to reach me faster just shoot an email to:

Aya - Traded - Slim Oak Case, Seamless design, Countersunk top bolts, Aircraft-grade Aluminum top and bottom panel, Seimitsu LS-32 joystick and Sanwa buttons

You can see few more photos on my site

Shit, Byrdo’s making sticks again? Wish I wasn’t broke and saving up for Evo atm. :sad:

Very nice sticks, as usual Byrdo. Just wanted to let you know though that forum rules state that you MUST have a price. Although honestly, I can’t see the mods getting too mad at you.


I do love your design, and would buy one of those, unfortunatly the artwork on these (as beautiful as they are) don’t fit my need.

the Aya stick is GORGEOUS. Oh man, wonder if its finally time for me to own a Byrdo stick. O no the choices -_-

Do you take commissions?


So the wiring isn’t set up yet? Do you do Xbox 360 sticks?


I love the cammy.

I think everyone knows that Byrdo doesn’t do prices, but offers. In other cases I think this would be a problem, but since Byrdo is basically the most famous custom stick maker, I think it would be cool. Make him an offer, they are the best.

I’d be kind of interested, but to be honest I’m not feeling the pictures of random anime characters or fighters etc.

I think after awhile, you get tired of them being there.
Would you still be able to take the Aya off the Seimitsu one, for just a solid black design?
And add 360/ps2 support?

I’d definitely be interested in buying it then.

The “Cammy” is sold but since the “Aya” isn’t wired yet so I have no prob setting it up for a 360. As for redesigning it without the graphic, that’s negotiable, just depends on if it’s worth the effort. I do have some more in the process with a more minimal look, but none of them are black. As for commissions, I do take them every once in awhile, feel free to email me

how much does average byrdo stick goes for … iam intrested but need to know what the price is first

As a owner of a Byrdo stick, I would have to say the price is nothing compared to the quality of the product you will get.

Ninja edit: My stick still fucking rocks, Byrdo… do you have any Sanwa Flash sticks left?

Check out the prices on his site.It’s alot more than the average custom stick,but I would say that with the parts he uses it’s definetly worth the price

It is not the parts that make the stick as all custom sticks have genuine arcade parts. What defines a good custom stick is the craftsmanship, attention to detail, artwork, aesthetics, and ergonomics. From what I have seen and heard, Byrdo makes sticks at an almost unprecedented level of quality in all of these areas. That is why he is able to sell his wares at such a premium. If you buy one of Byrdo’s sticks, you know that you will be getting more than your money’s worth.


Thanks alot for the compliments guys, it means a lot, I really do put a great deal of effort into my stickbuilding. I realize that not everyone needs and entire stik or can afford some of my stuff so I’ll be looking into offering some high quality cases as well, so if you already have parts laying around this would definitely be a lower cost alternative. I wasn’t aware of the price rules so in the future I’ll be sure to set a fixed price, plus I know there’s quite a few people that like to customize things themselves so these enclosures will be perfect for stick swapping/modding.

Ducky - Flashes are really hard to come by, I don’t have anymore other than the one in my personal stik. I wish I could help you out there, but at the moment its really rare to get a hold of any since they’ve been discontinued for quite some time.

E-mail sent regarding the Aya stick. :3

Where is the artwork on the “Sinz” stick on Byrdo’s website from?