Byrdo's stick makes GamePro

I flipped through a couple pages in GamePro’s Naruto feature and I found an interesting sanwa stick that looked all too familiar. According to GP:

“Sanwa, known for its top-quality game controllers, made this Naruto special in Japan.” (pg. 38)

…with an image of this stick above it. I’m rather sure this stick is the same one in the article. Anyone double check it?

Would this be the March or April issue?

it probably it’s byrdos cause sanwa doesn’t make sticks.

another reason why gamepro is retarded…

I saw this too. Its the April issue. The one with Naruto on the cover.

That’s pretty crazy, being that it is one of mine. I’m wondering how they could’ve gotten the image from my site with my web address on it, and still accredit it to being made in japan by sanwa. Oh well, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at a newstand. The cool news is that I might have my stuff featured in a different mainstream mag, but I don’t want to disclose any info until its actually official.

There’s a scan of it. Surprised the hell out of me when I saw it.

Sue their assss!

At least get them to give you credit next issue. Bring some business your way. Oh wait, you’re already flooded in requests and probably won’t manage to meet them all before 2100. Heh, 120-something year old Byrdo making quality arcade sticks for the Xbox1080Kickflipmctwist and PSinfinity :wgrin: .

Yeah, sue their ass. (Because apparently they share one.)

Stick it to them man


Stick it to them HARD.

The sticky situation there, is that he probably can’t sue because he doesn’t own the Naruto copyright. If he has a trademark on the sticks though, that is a different story.

Oh please :rolleyes:. Even if he had any rights to the iamges he uses on his sticks in the first place, why the fuck would a misattribution of who made the thing be a valid reason to sue? In fact, it might be better if nobody informs them of their mistake, because if they publish a correction then the extra exposure may well lead to Byrdo getting hit with a cease and desist for selling sticks containing images he has no right to use.

Do they have a right to use his images. . .

i say we hit em with mass email till they correct it

Polarity does have a point, however what Gamepro did was just wrong. I think Byrdo does need to address the issue with Gamepro about using the pic of his stick, because that’s his design and no one elses.

From what I understand, as long as the customer provides the art, he is not in any danger of any kind of lawsuit. As far as I know, the sticks he makes for himself and sells use his own graphics? maybe I’m wrong.

Brydo I emailed you a couple of times? Did you get any of them?

Considering it is a different angle of the stick entirely, I’m thinking it belongs to someone that works for gamepro or possibly just a fan submitted pic.

Edit:nm, I’m pissed now.

It’s not a big deal really, I just think it’s silly how Gamepro doesn’t get their story straight…often. I might send an email to the editor, but other than that I don’t think anything could be done. Even though the entire stik is my design, I’m not the one who created the ‘Naruto’ persona, so I couldn’t allegedly sue over that, but at the same time neither did sanwa. Polarity has a good point as well. I’m just a guy who likes to create the stuff, but my stikz are pretty smalltime compared to the corporations that own the rights. So if a company ever did come at me with a cease & desist that wouldn’t be a problem, I usually only do a few stiks based off any given series anyway. As I mentioned before, this really is just a hobby to me.

Postman: I don’t think I’ve received any of your emails, when/where did you send them? I might have to change my email account soon, because the one on my site seems to be a little strange. I still get mail there, but sometimes I don’t receive all my messages. I think my mail is getting filtered, but I don’t know where it’s ending up.