Byrdo's sticks template?

Hi, I’m looking for the dimensions for the Byrdo sticks refering to this style:


Based on his old blue prints I can only guess that it is about 12" to 12.5" wide by 9" front to back. Only Byrdo (or the stickz owner) knows for sure.

Hmmm… it looks more of a 10-11" from side to side and 7-8" top to bottom for the top panel, am I wrong?

Anyone that has one can help me out? I will appreciate it a lot, thx.

Any particular reason you need to know the dimensions? Just asking out of curiosity.

Yeah, why do you ask? Trying to emulate that stick? Why don’t you enlarge the pic in a photo editor to the scale of the Sanwa buttons and go from there. I’d do it, but I have no desire to copy his design, because I’m a man.

Be the man.

I calculate it as 28 x 20cm (give or take some mm) so it must be 11" x 8".

is this it? I saved it from before but forgot which thread it was. great stick design by byrdo btw

I don’t know if he would approve of me doing this so if he wants I take it down

Wow, you guys think in a funny way. The only reason I want the dimension is because I think his joysticks are very nice and the reason he used these dimensions is probably because it’s a good balance of space saving and still having a convenient joystick. I just don’t want to make a box that all show but no go, so if that somehow have a link with being a man or not… I guess I’ll have to take lesson from a “real” man.

Thx toxic for this template but that isn’t exactly the same template, I still appreciate your help.

It’s up to you to determine the dimensions you need. Off-the-shelf stuff is never “just right” for anybody.

Seriously, what a weak answer. You can’t determine “a good balance of space saving and still having a convenient joystick” on your own? It’s not rocket science.:arazz:

A good stick is what’s comfortable to you and to ask such questions proves that you have even less of a clue than you’d like us to believe.

I see… but I don’t see why some people just don’t stfu when they cannot help. Talking shit doesn’t help for anything. I’m sorry for you.

If nobody speaks up who knows when you’ll see the truth?

they’re right in a way tho, why not just experiment with a few designs of your own. or guess a number and run with it.

you’ll be much more satisfied if you come up with a sick design of your own