C-bus 4/21 + Justin Wong (Mission: Impossible)


3rd Strike

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Ghaleon
3rd: Vega (aka Immortal)
4th: Humbag

Tekken DR

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Master Dave
3rd: Axiom
4th: m2dave


1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Infinite
3rd: Juicy G
4th: MadBooFace

GG Slash

1st: Juicy G
2nd: Blacksnake
3rd: ElvenShadow
4th: Kyle (from Kentucky)


1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Popoblo
3rd: Rusteezzy
4th: Skisonic


1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Vega (aka Immortal)
3rd: Mike Williams (Infinite)
4th: Derrek Legend


1st: Vidjo
2nd: Drephen
3rd: Jiano
4th: Sliq


i’m 90% sure i am right about the ggxx slash results.


The shit was real fun. It ran a little long but im really happy i went.
Pittsburg crew(rey,axiom,digital count, kajinjin,cd-dt, and njn) really good games with u guys cd-dt that panda was NICE. Axiom gg. I thought i had a chance to beat u after i beat eddy but u switched to law. i didnt know law that well u got on me with him. Good shit. Props ur really good player. Good games njn well do it agian. Rey and digital count we’ll do somemore dollar money matches at the next one. Kajinjin that paul is nasty i got to get my game up and well play next time.

Dayton crew(daddy neptune,chamberjin,skeez,arkayne,TRKT)- good games with yall too. we’ll play agian soon. Yall can induct me as an honorary member since i dont have a crew. Dayton crew plus one:rofl: TRKT WE ARE HAVING A $10 MONEY MATCH SOMETIME. IM NOT GOING TO LET U BACK OUT. Sometime this year it’ll happen. Micah, skeez, kam and whoever u guys are welcome to come up to columbus sometime to play. I need some devil jin, marduck, and ling practice. if u come ill buy a pizza for us.

JamesF that jack was really good. Very good keep away game.

Sluch i was saltly that u beat me in the tourny but i beat u in the money match so I happy with that. Well do it agian at the next toruny. Ill figure out asuka soon.

Sazibi and nash goog seeing yall.

i won majority of my money matches so i was happy. We should have another tourny real soon.


Vega allllmost made me pay out the $50 bounty in Super Turbo – his namesake had Justin sweating and Justin went from O. Sagat to Balrog and pulled it out with a nail-biter finish, down to the last hit. That shit will look good on the DVD, haha. About the only thing good about 3s grand finals was the “interview” crap we talked at the beginning.

Long story short, it was fantastic having so many people come out. Our numbers were definitely better than December between the powering-up OH scene and a ton of out-o-towners. Thanks to ya all – look out for the next biiiig Columbus tourney this fall (tentatively October).

We got some good (and not so good … pink Sean grand finals, barf) matches coming up on the eventual DVD, so get set. Quality trash was being thrown all around, and Skisonic’s Marvel commentary was silly-go-nuts.

Shoutouts esp to Fugee for obvious reasons and the lovely ladies who helped with registration & money.

Fucking Justin Wong!! Thanks for coming out again, handing out ProTips, stealing our money, and being awesome in general. DS is too serious, enjoy that Phoenix. Sweet finally meeting Infinite and Perfect Legend too.

Just watching the money matches you guys throw around is entertaining by itself, ahahaha. Perfect the computer NO MAGNETO $20 BET IT! THIRD SNAPBACK $1 ON TIM! WHAT BS RUN IT BACK!! Gawdlike! Man I wanna move to NY, haha

Deebo and Humbag, you guys are skill, I really wish I could play you guys all the time. Deebo’s hat is serious!

Ft Wayne crew: You guys represented powerful in all games. Wish I would have gotten to actually hang w/ you all a little more, but at least we got to play a few. Congrats Brent esp on your hyper strong placings, esp that last ST match vs. Justin! One of the best matches of the day for sure. I especially liked the part where I didn’t have to pay you $50 extra for winning a set against Justin, haha. So close though man!! So impressive. Dave, Abe, Your MAJESTRY, Crono good seeing or meeting you, haha, keep up the goodness, you all beasted in 3s.

OH locals: Ohio just might be on the upswing for fighters. Keep training up and Ohio can potentially become a Midwest force before we know it. You know I’m all about 3s especially and Fugee with Marvel, so let us know if you guys ever want some matches in and we’ll make it happen. Sorry I’m not doing specific names but haha I’m pretty tired.




Yo who was the girl at the registration desk? Someone let me know her status she was cool.

Secondly I really wanted to get at certain people but I had to bounce early.
Humbag mainly because he rep Dudley and Ghaleon. Shit J Wong too! I was losing all day I wouldn’t mind getting handled by him too. I got ripped a new one in SSBM it was… mad depressing but none the less I’ll be back again and again.

GS People!!!


GS everyone thanks again to Ghaleon, Fugee for such a sick tourney, thx’s again to Jwong aka master roshi for coming out and taking everyones money. Good seeing everyone again Vdo, Julian,Terrel ,Skisonic,Sazabi,Nash,Popoblo sry for other names i missed, Popoblo GG next time we meet I’ll have a better stick lol. Skisonic are matchs was too close good shit man .
My name is spell with 2 z’s–>rusteezzy


i think m2dave got 4th and nash got 5th for teken


Sad indeed to see JWong kill OH, but after the casuals I played with you guys in T5:DR and SSBM, this place can be the midwest force that Ghaleon thinks.

– Sazabi - Thanks for the defensive Ling tips. I’ll keep those in mind and pay closer attention to her matchups. I started to wonder if I needed to change my name from “TRKT” so I’m not confused with TMT. lol. Besides, I think I’ve realized somehow I’m going to be pitted against the top players rather early in these tournaments, lol.

– Spearl - It’s always good to play Ganny, especially yours. Thanks for coming down to Dayton at WSU to play us. I WILL take you up on that money match…when I have money. I suppose I could mow a few extra lawns for it. lol. Great job on your matches.

– KaijinJin - Great matches, despite the bracket confusion. If I eat Demolition Man one more time, I’ll pull whatever hair I have left out of me. lol.

– Axiom - Great casuals from you too, despite the laggy sticks. You guys from Pittsburg (Rey, CD-DT, njn) should come to Dayton sometime. Hell, we’ll probably get some money matches in.

– Sluch - I’ll remember that is your girlfriend, NOT your wife. lol.

– Arkayne & DN - Great matches arkayne. Even though I could call you and tell you this, you actually did a better job on your 3S matches than I thought. Just don’t let it get to your head. lol.

…and don’t feel bad DN. We’ll come back to SSBM later. I now know how intense those guys are. I’m looking forward to still teaming with you. For now, keep up with 3S. Continue ravishing with Dudley and maybe you’ll get that girl at the registration desk. lol.

– If I forgot to mention some of you guys, sorry, but you can pretty figure what I’ll say if I did. I was glad to see more people from Dayton to come with us this time. Great matches on the GGXXS side, hopefully some are gonna posted up. Marvel looked REAL intense this time around, sucks you guys got the (static) speaker system. lol. It kinda sucks there was no time/interests for VF5 casuals though…

…I think I’ve typed too much.


great tournament guys, it was a lot of fun. Skisonic… you might have been so damn lucky in that cvs2 match when i accidentally scrubbed out a negative edge blanka ball to blow it, were gonna have to run that shit back for sure haha.

Popoblo: im cooking up something for you for next time too (and thanks for letting me use your stick).

great tournament though guys, thanks for having it, and just remember Jwong = Master Roshi from now on, gotta respect the turtle hermit :slight_smile:

Master Roshi: Gonna have to run back that mm at evo north too when i can actually get my hands on a working stick.

But all that said, the best part is still hearing people call C-Bitchz for a match on the mic…i fucking love that shit.


great times playing everyone!good to see alot of ppl again.Dayton,always a pleasure,lol.(great to se sazabi still play his Q:D)sorry sazabi i couldnt mirror later like i said,but my birthday was the previous day of the tourney so you know family and all.ill be in dayton when arkayne calls me,so maybe then you know?:smiley:

ghaleon: ill definetley give you a call about some matches dude.Like i said im from cleveland and have alot of family i like to visit there,so ill stop by sometime if you dont mind:Dlove to see ohios fighting game scene grow.

jamie austin:not sure if you come to this forum often,but great meeting you.Hopefully we can play more Q matches in the near future:)

humbag and infinite(mike,lol!):You guys are always awesome to hang with.Good seeing you guys again.the dudley urien combo is a deadly thing to mess with,lol!Ill see you guys again soon.always wanted to ask,and im sorry about my memory but…is champaign in chicago or?lol!im so sorry,i just cant remember where you said it was.

kentucky:dont hate me for not entering guilty like i said i was ok,lol! i still have alot to learn before i can attempt it:DI got a copy of slash now,just need some swaps.But anyway,great great great to see you guys definetley!probably some of the coolest guys ive hung with in a long time.

well,i guess i kinda just want to thank EVERYONE who came to this for whatever game.Its just great to meet gamers from around the midwest period!hopefully ill see some of you guys in the future.

ps.popoblo:lol,guess i broke my promise to play you man,i apoligize:( dont worry,somehow i think our paths will cross again real soon.One might come to call you…my rival!!(scary music) LOL!

later everyone!!


Oh Noggen Punch!


GGs everyone! I had a blast in Ohio yet again, Momos is serious hehe!

Fugee - funny as shit on the mic dude, great job running a lot of stuff, it was all well organized.

Ghaleon - Denjin Ryu drives me nuts! But yours is hardcore man, cant wait to play you again sometime. Great job running and playin in the 3s tourny.

Josh (i think? the oro player) - keep up the good work with oro son, you got that unblockable stuff down! you had me mad nervous in our match.

Justin Wong - way to rape…everyone. It was cool watchin you play yet again, im just glad i didnt have to play and loose to you in the 3s tourny again.

Mike “Infinite” - you’re a cool ass dude man, our match in 3s was close. Good shit in ST as well.

Vega (Brent) - Damn man you knocked me to loosers aaaannd outta the tourny haha. Your chun li is really friggen good. Keep it up man.

Chickenfat (Tremmel? not sure how to spell it) - lovin the Q action. Every tournament needs more inspector gadget.

Sean - MAAAAD props to you for lettin us crash at your place. Lettin us crash saved us a good chunk of money dude. Watchin you baiken is some crazy shit as well. Cya at evo north probably.

To the pad Makoto player (didnt get your name) - your makoto was pretty wicked. had me nervous as hell.

Chicago guys - good shit as usual. gs to juicy for winnin gg as usual as well. Was also fun watchin Mark play some marvel again.

Once again GS to everyone i played. KEEP IT REAL!



Oh yeah, more big thanks to Chicago and esp to George who came out even though he was not feeling so hot. (and he still took GG, nice nice)

Dan too, congrats on CvS moneyyy

And Skisonic’s Marvel not money match = tourney highlight. DRAW GAME CROWD GOES WILD


Shoutouts aye?

Chickenfat!: I hate you for not being able to pl;ay me in the tourney…

Ghaleon: Great after tourney matches that ryu is something, had my mind running in cirlces…

Clem (Makoto player): we still never finished our match… its was 1 - 1 man!

Spearl: of course you can be a part of the Dayton Crew… were up and coming. were training even harder for next time.

oh and J wong… OMG… Jwong used my stick , should I be happy>? yeah But I could care less >__<…

and Humbag… yo man whats up with you getting mad in 3s

FUCK , slams stick whats up with that man?

also to the indiana guys nice after matches…

For you guys to have a 3S cabinet in your house is friggin awesome eh?

Well nice stuff to everyone else.

Tourney ran smooth and nice.


Sorry about jetting out a lil early from the tourney. I wasn’t playing up 2 par in Tekken & kinda felt embarrassed of how I played.

I definately need some practice in DR, that’s 4 sure. Once I do, I’ll play a lot better than I did last time. I felt like such a scrub. :lol:

With that said, the tourney was real cool. Props 2 Ghaleon & Fugee 4 getting it done & too everyone else that helped out.

It was cool 2 see all the peeps there @ the tourney that I usually see. It was cool 2 meet some new ppl there as well. Everyone was pretty cool 2 hang with.

As far as Tekken is concerned:

Sazabi: Thanks 4 letting me help out w/ the tourney whenever I could. Hope it eased the troubles of running it a lil better this time. Sorry I was not there the whole time @ the Tekken stations, had 2 spend ‘some’ time w/ the ladyfriend. :lol: Sorry I skipped out on the MM. I didn’t wanna have it the way I was playing.

Kameron: Ur comment was funny as hell! I gotta kick out of it, despite the g/f having a panic attack over it. :lol:

Spearl: Good shit w/ that Ganny Daniel. My Asuka was doing pretty well but the Dirty Ole’ Wang was just pure shit @ the tourney. I’m thinking of putting him in2 retirement pretty soon. He’s getting too old. Haha. Nevertheless, gg’s Danny. I’m gonna try & get ahold of playing some more DR so I can actually be some good comp against that Ganny of urs. I’m gonna want some revenge, you know that.

Derrick (Legend 2): Good shit w/ Julia as always. I swear 2 God I need 2 play DR more. Cripes, I didn’t even know you were doing 1,1,1 & 1,1,4,3 w/ Julia w/ that new animation for that combo! It threw me 4 a loop. Good job beating my ass. We’ll get 2gether soon 2 play some Tekken once my classes get done w/ for this semester.

Axiom: Solid as always bro. I was expecting Law & u gave me Eddy. Lol. No worries. It was good shit playing u once again. Thank you 4 the ass-beating, even though a lot of the matches were pretty close. I’ll be better the next time around & we’ll play again sometime. Good shit brotherman.

Jwong: Good job @ winning the tourney bro. Mad props 2ya. Ur damn good bro & keep up the good work. It seems like anything I try you always have an answer 4 it. Good games & good shit w/ Feng. I was impressed.

CD-DT: It was cool going up against you, even if it was 4 one match. Lol. Next time around, we’ll get some more matches in.

Dayton Crew: Chamberjin, TRKT, Arkayne, Skeez: Good seeing you all there once again. Wish I had some more time 2 get matches in. Next time around we’ll do that.

Pitt Crew: Kaijin, CD-DT, Rey, Digital Count, NJN: Nice meeting & talking 2 you guys. You guys are cool peeps. I’ll have 2 play some of you guys in Tekken the next time around. It’ll be pretty cool.

TMT: Nice talking 2ya bro. Sucked we both went up early against Justin. Lol.

Hitstun: Nice talking 2ya as well bro & thanks 4 letting us borrow ur converter 4 most of the tourney. That was real cool of you 2 do that.

Nash: Nice talking 2ya there as well. It looks like you got stuck once again w/ the brackets. Lol. Sorry about that.

Take it easy everyone & good shit 2 everyone @ the tourney.


Well, what do ya know…I remembered the PW for my account.

Anyway, GGs to all. However, I’m looking for some help…

I lost my Sony (silver in color) camera during the tournament. If someone can find it and give it back to me, I’m ready to give you $30. Maybe even $50.




i had fun playing my matches, it was nice to meet 3s players. i was the girl playing q, im still learning 3s basics ;[. expect a stronger jamie version 2 next timez.


I was mad because i played like utter shit that game. That is why. I wasnt mad at brent at all, only myself. So get off my case.


Go Ghaleon…you still using Denjin Ryu?