C-bus Bar Battle, (Columbus, Oh) February 20,2010

Columbus Bar Battle.


This is a bring your own stick/controller event.

**Games: ** TvC Singles, 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 2:00pm
SFIV singles, 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 5:00pm
SFIV 2v2 teams, 10 dollars per team.(If time allows)
SFIV 0-2 singles, For more information see below

Please post up if you plan to attend and if there is a game you would like to play add it into your post.
The top two games with the most votes will most likely be added.

Rules: All games will be double elimination format.

When: Feb 20th, doors open at 1:00 pm

Where: Zeno’s Victorian Village 384 W. 3rd ave

How: SFIV will be played on the Xbox 360.
TvC will be played on the Wii.

**Why: **The goal of this tournament is to grow the Columbus fighting game community. However anyone is welcome to join! There is no venue cost for this tournament! You are encouraged to eat and drink at the bar. All entry money collected will go back to the players. Payout will be the standard 70/20/10.

Parking: There is parking on the side of Zenos as well as street parking.

**SFIV 0-2 singles tournament: **Everyone who goes 0-2 in the street fighter singles tournament will be entered into another tournament and the winner of that will get their 5 dollar entry back.

This event will be streamed and commentated on by the legendary Mr Blasty and Dandy J.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to post up or PM me.

TVs, Xbox360 and Wii setups are needed, Since there is no venue fee I be giving out high fives if you can bring one.

Print this out and hand it out.

yay for rakae!

I may attend this, cash and weather depending. A DD would be nice but nobody can drive for shit in Dayton.

Dammit, I’ll be in Mexico when this happens. :frowning: Edit: I actually come back on the 20th, but depending on how early my flight is we’ll see if I can make it or not.

Can I catch a ride with someone to this? I’ll be willing to request this day off. I can bring a TvC setup too

Nice to see you’re running shit in C-bus Clint. Good luck with the event!

Tiggy you know I got your back.

Thanks for the luck B,

Also if someone creative wants to make a flyer I get them printed off so we can put them up around town.

Interesting ^^

I would definitely like to come to this.

I too can supply a TvC setup if I can make it out.

Action Adam, if I am going to this I would be trying to get a carpool together so you might not have to worry about a DD. Can’t promise nothing, though.

It’s a given I have to attend this.

I’ll pitch you, you don’t have to pay anything. You covered me for SB, so minor as this is I’ll help you out.

I’ll see what I can do on the flyer, Clint.

Blows dust off Photoshop

And I’ll possibly be there, we’ll have to see.

clint you have my support sir i can bring some setups as well

I’ll bring an Xbox 360 if someone could bring a spare TV.

i can bring my 19 inch Dynex tv !!!

ayo, is there an age limit on the venue

I’m running the brackets for this! Gonna be off the hook!

Also, interest check on a MBAA tourny? I can run it and I think we have at least 3 copies in town to play on.

soudns good man. pupt me down. I am down. How about some tekken 6?

Admittingly, I am not that much of a Tekken person. However someone run a Tekken 6 Tournament, it’ll attract a good number of people as well.

Actually, same goes for BBCS, although I have no idea how to get two sticks to work on that thing, I am willing to bring my tower to set that up though if people so desire.

If you need TVs, systems, software, cables, splitters, speakers, power strips, etc; just ask and it’s yours. I got plenty to spare. I can even hook you up with Tom if you need to order anything special. And I’m willing to run stuff if the demand is there (no, not Shaq Fu smartass).