C-bus Bar Battle, (Columbus, Oh) February 20,2010


Clint, I’ll bring my TV and 360. I can also run an HDR or BBCT (not CS, I REALLY think this should be reserved for private use atm) if eight or more people show interest. If not, it’ll just be another SFIV setup.

Also, if a laptop is needed for brackets or a CPS2/3 game, I could do that, too.

EDIT: This menu looks good. They got that Gyro Pizza!


sweet gimme mad byes in remix son!


I’d be shocked if we couldn’t get 8 for HDR, since I can think of about that many who will play without question.


good shit, clint. i will definitely do my best to make it out to this.


There is no age limit however if you are under 21 you will have to be marked and no allowed to buy alcohol.

Thanks to everyone who posted up saying they could bring a setup up when the date comes closer I will hit you each up.
Because of time and space I don’t think we will be able to run everyone’s favorite game. I do think we could run two more games.
So what this means is that it is time to vote. Please post up if you plan on coming and name the game you would like to see.


Me and a few fellas will definitely be there. I can also bring a Xbox with SFIV, no TV though. =/

Also Clint, when I get time I can throw together a quick flyer for you.


Only other game I want to see is Melty…but honestly, how many people in Columbus – let alone Ohio – actually play it? If we run it, that’s great! If not, I’m fine with just TvC


If we can only vote for one game I’m gonna vote for Melty. That said realistically I don’t expect to get enough votes for that. My more realistic hope is that one of the other games is ST (HDR is fine I guess). Unless something changes I will enter all of the singles tournaments no matter what games are being played.

Lessee for setups, I have my two giant ass retro CRT’s (they’re both the same size, one is the one I got at AL), I have an extremely small CRT (like 10 inches) that we might be able to use for something weird but not for gaming, and my lagless flat screen monitor that I carry everywhere. My initial plan is to use the monitor to display the brackets at all times so people can come up and check it out. Therefore realistically I don’t have any decent setups to bring over. I do have my PS2 with MBAA for side stuffs and a DC if somehow Marvel becomes one of the side games. I got two GC adapters and a Wii we can use if TvC hits the list (no copy of the game tho, I’m too lazy to get one), one PS3 adapter we can loan out, and my giant ass American stick we can loan out. My policy is you trade me your driver’s license for the item you borrow from me.


No one said you only get one vote. :slight_smile:

The thing is that even if Melty does not make it we can still have a side tournament. I just don’t want to post up that melty is going on and someone drive to play only to have 4 people play.


So, Side Tourneys yes. Casuals, yes.
Main event no?


San I don’t even know what that means.


I’ll be happy with a ST/HD or Melty side tourney. Whichever gets more people.


ill be there.
i should be working the door that night (at zenos), but im going to have some one cover my shift so i can participate/keep an eye on you youngin’s…
underage drinking will NOT be tolerated, so dont get any ideas. not bein’ a prick, just givin you a heads up.
was hoping the SFIV games would have been on the ps3… oh well. ill still donate my $5 to the cause :smiley:


Sans got a ps2 to xbox360 converter if you are more comfortable with the PS2 style pad. I am sure he would not mind letting you use it.
Don’t worry there will be no underage drinking.



Also, I will provide a couple of ‘house’ 360 sticks that can be kept aside and used by anyone who needs them.


yo ed, you and me should post flyers all over the OSU Campus. it should be pretty easy. since the asian population on this campus is high, we are bound to find few other peeps who play fighting games. hahahaha


I totally read that the wrong way the first time…


Scenario calls, hollar at me to order a few more if needed.

Oh lawdy.
Alright, my tower will be for BBCS casuals only, since I don’t want Jetm to be the only BB player in Columbus lol. However, I can double it as a minor mame cabinet if needed to. (Although I think Hitstun probably has a better selection in his area.)


that would be perfect. awesome.

im not worried either. Zeno’s just has enough legal problems as it is (old smoking ban issues ect)… the last thing we’d need is some parents calling in 'cause their child came home reeking of alcohol.


I vote for an HD Remix Side tourney.