C-bus Bar Battle II, (Columbus, Oh) April 17,2010

The C-bus Run Back.

Columbus** Bar Battle.**


This is a bring your own stick/controller event.

**Arcade Stick Auction **
Due to legal issues we where no able to raffle th stick off so it will be auctioned instead.
Please go to the Ebay auction and check it out.

Venue Fee is 5 dollars

**Games: **
Melty Blood Singles, 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 1:00pm
TvC Singles, 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 2:00pm
HDR Singles, 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 3:00pm
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC), 5 dollars per entrant. Start time. 3:30pm
Tekken 6 Singles (PS3), 5 dollars per entrant. Start time 4:00pm
SFIV singles, 10 dollars per entrant. Start time 5:00pm
SFIV 2v2 teams, 10 dollars per team.(If time allows)

Rules: All games will be double elimination format.

When: April 17th, doors open at 1:00 pm

Where: Zeno’s Victorian Village 384 W. 3rd ave

How: SFIV and HDR will be played on the Xbox 360.
TvC will be played on the Wii.
Tekken 6 will be played on the PS3

**Why: **The goal of this tournament is to grow the Columbus fighting game community. However anyone is welcome to join! The venue cost for this tournament is only 5 dollars.
You are encouraged to eat and drink at the bar. All entry money collected will go back to the players. Payout will be the standard 70/20/10.

Parking: There is parking on the side of Zenos as well as street parking.

This event will be streamed and commentated on by the legendary Mr Blasty and Dandy J.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to post up or PM me.

TVs, Xbox360 and Wii setups are needed, If you bring a setup please post up and your entry fee will be waved.

Print this out and pass it out.

just to be clear. is there a five dollar venue fee + (any) entry fees? or does the 5 dollar venue fee get you into a tourney of your choice?

also, id like to add that there is **safe **and **free **parking available behind Cafe Corner (the cafe across the street). You can leave your car in the Parking lot behind Zeno’s and Cafe Corners all night and it wont be towed… be careful and read the signs when street parking.

cant fucking wait!

5 Dollars to get in, then 5 for the tournament.
I’ll go ahead and bring my TV, and my PS3 just incase someone like DJ2Times prefers playing on a PS3 / PS2 pad as compared to a Xbox 360 for SF IV.
** Cammy player looking for SF IV Team partner.** I lead Team OOP AWW last time. :V

Also also -
If you live in the Columbus Area and are watching the stream instead of coming out to Cbus Bar Battles, and not conflicted with work. Please make it out here, not going to this is pretty much the same thing as committing a sin.

ill be bringing my own set up as well. Tv/ps3… 360 if needed.

Whats up with some Tekken?

Omni vs. Rugi Pre-talk: http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/pub-uk-1a4cdbe04a2ecde5122029c57c2ce93f.html


My vote goes to a ggac tourney. Or 3s of course. For the extra event.


DaigoNukiUSA got the hunger for more this time.

This tourney is a week before SSFIV’s release. Let’s give it a proper burial.

Sean will take your money. I second this though.

you ready for another prarie fire…:bottle:

I’m ready for a California Wildfire. I should probably wait until after my matches this time, though.

PROTip: drinking liquor from noon to close isnt a smart idea. ha.

Why hello there fun times. I’ll be there again and can bring a 360, depending on transportation maybe a tv.

i will be there and can bring a 360. no tv though. masters of teras kasi: a documentary gotta get their revenge

No tekken again? -__- If yall get some tekken going I’ll come through with like 10 people + hopefully the old cats from Cleveland might get out of those rocking chairs and move around to play.

Bring some chicken.

I don’t think Dwayne will be in the area at the time, and Columbus is more known for VF then it is Tekken. Far as I know at least.

i vote for ngbc side tourney if its out on xbla by then

this is a vf town, maybe the only one thats ever existed. the tekken hate runs deep.

h a t e tekken but if the can get enough pre reg let em run it

oh god yes.