C-bus Bar Battle II, (Columbus, Oh) Results

Hello everyone I apologize that I did not get this up sooner.
Thank you to everyone who came out this tournament thank you for showing support.
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Melty Blood **
1Jason "DandyJ"Columbus, OH3$24.00
2Thomas "Tiggy"Columbus, OH1$7.00
3Brian “PimpSirRichard” HeathColumbus, OH2$3.00
4Jacob "Face"Columbus, OH5$0.00
5Jonathan “Hitstun” LandisColumbus, OH6$0.00
5"Radical" Edward “101” Modecki-MellettColumbus, OH7$0.00
7 Masamune_Shadow
1Jason "DandyJ"Columbus, OH1$24.00
2Thomas "Tiggy"Columbus, OH2$7.00
3Slayer 4$3.00
4Brent “immortal” WerlingDecatur, IN3$0.00
5Masamune_Shadow 5$0.00
5Chris "Norfair"Columbus, OH6$0.00
7Brian “KarateLincoln” 7$0.00

1Frank “RoyBisel” 17$66.00
2Brent “immortal” WerlingDecatur, IN6$19.00
3Brian “PimpSirRichard” HeathColumbus, OH1$9.00
4Harmon “Nomrah” 11$0.00
5Jason "DandyJ"Columbus, OH2$0.00
5Jordyn “Murderbydeath” 19$0.00
7Slayer 7$0.00
7LarryO 18$0.00
9Linwood “4th Gate” 4$0.00
9Moses “Laoshu505060” 5$0.00
9Kyle “Siegfried” 8$0.00
9Sean "SH_"Columbus, OH14$0.00
13"Radical" Edward “101” Modecki-MellettColumbus, OH3$0.00
13Jared from SubwayColumbus, OH9$0.00
13Louis “Snake” 10$0.00
13Richard “Downback” 12$0.00
Tekken 6**
1John “Nash” $31.00
2Troy “SakuraHotDogs” $9.00
3Derrick LegendCincinnati, OH $4.00
4Moses “Laoshu505060” $0.00
5Ed “Sazabi” $0.00
5Jason “GoyaBoi” $0.00
7Han “HK” $0.00
7Sam “ButtNakedChoke” $0.00
9Sean “TheJackel” $0.00
Street Fighter IV**
1Josh wolfkrone $294.00
2Antwan “Alucard” OrtizMI $84.00
3Derrick LegendCincinnati, OH $42.00
4Mike AdamsLincoln Park, MI $0.00
5Chat Thunder $0.00
5Richard “Downback” $0.00
7Henry “Iron Zangief” ZhangColumbus, OH $0.00
7Sam “ButtNakedChoke” $0.00
9Clint "Rakae"Columbus, OH $0.00
9Jason "DandyJ"Columbus, OH $0.00
9Sean "SH_"Columbus, OH $0.00
9Wayne “Crimson_Zero12” ChesterColumbus, OH $0.00
13AilerusCincinnati, OH $0.00
13Anthony “omgerstistony” Virata $0.00
13Jacob "Face"Columbus, OH $0.00
13Moses “Laoshu505060” $0.00
17 Brent “immortal” WerlingDecatur, IN $0.00
17Brian “PimpSirRichard” HeathColumbus, OH $0.00
17Dan “DrAngel1” $0.00
17Jared from SubwayColumbus, OH $0.00
17Nick "Servo"Cincinnati, OH $0.00
17Sean “TheJackel” $0.00
17Steven “Q” KilukSouth Gate, MI $0.00
17Todd "RyujinFlame"Columbus, OH $0.00
25AviH20Columbus, OH $0.00
25Derek "Dijon"Cincinnati, OH $0.00
25Jonathan “Jay5” $0.00
25Josh "BillyZane"Parkersburg, VA $0.00
25Josh “SPD” $0.00
25Kyle “Siegfried” $0.00
25LarryO $0.00
25Scott "level9"Columbus, OH $0.00
33"Radical" Edward “101” Modecki-MellettColumbus, OH $0.00
33"VJ" San KhonColumbus, OH $0.00
33Ben “YRD” $0.00
33Chris "Norfair"Columbus, OH $0.00
33DJ2xColumbus, OH $0.00
33Dustin “BigDaddy” $0.00
33Rohan $0.00
33Masamune_Shadow $0.00
33Steve “Zombie” $0.00
33WainutColumbus, OH $0.00**

Street Fighter IV teams **
1Thunder Wolf $126.00
2OopawwColumbus, OH $36.00
3Masters of the Teras Kasi: A Documentary 2: 2nd Impact Giant Attack $18.00
4Fist Full of Quarters $0.00
5BWO $0.00
5VF High Motivation $0.00
7Avi Can Suck Our Dicks with Love Clinton and Anthony $0.00
7Cold War $0.00
9Leitaisai $0.00
9SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday $0.00
9Tactical Error $0.00
9We Don’t Even Play This Game $0.00
13DaigoNukiUSAColumbus, OH $0.00
13EG $0.00
13Stick Makers Anonymous $0.00
13Super DJ Danny Mavericks $0.00
17Carry Me to the Top $0.00
17Pinky Justice $0.00

Marvel top 5 (14 players, $5 entry):

  1. Ghaleon
  2. John (Nash/sflegend)
  3. Fugee
  4. Linwood (4th gate)
  5. Harmon (nomrah)
  6. Deryk Legend

Two people apparently did not pay to be in Marvel, lol

Low-tier Marvel (8 players, $5 entry):

  1. Deryk Legend
  2. Harmon (nomrah)
  3. John (Nash/sflegend)
  4. Josie
  5. Linwood (4th gate)
  6. radicaledward

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Could you edit the Spencer entry to Masamune_Shadow That is my handle after all, but the person taking the registration wanted my name, not my srk handle. So I told him my name.

Yo stick is getting up there ggs guys even though I was haveing a really bad day It was still good so see old friends

Did bad this time around, kept making stupid mistakes and it cost me. Oh well, ggs to everybody I played. Good seeing you all again.

This was ran really well and I had a great time! I’ll be at the next one, maybe I’ll enter more than one tournament?

Thanks to everyone who came out and ggs to everyone I played. Sorry to my teammate and commentator MrBlasty for ditching him before teams, some super shit came up. ;|

once again had a great time. great turn out again. thanks to everyone that showed up…
(this doesnt go for everyone… but just for future reference… dont forget to tip the bartenders…:P)
ggs to all.

I got you on more rounds of VF.

I tipped the bartender upstairs almost $10 when I paid for my dinner since she was hot.

The look she gave me was well worth it. :smiley:

Also, can I get a link to the stream/where it was recorded? :slight_smile:


They should all be there.

Also keep that confidence with women they love that shit. I know you impressed my GF.

speaking of this, we only have 2 used copies and they are both slighty scratched

yes, scratched blu-rays. anywho, PM me. i have an idea. :slight_smile:

Really? Good stuff. :slight_smile: I’d like to think I’m somewhat confident.

And we’ll get some casuals in next time we come down to OH. Enjoyed playing your Seth.

When in doubt, just whip your dick. Nothing says confident like whippin…

jk :coffee:


But eh, I saw a pretty girl at a SF tourney, didn’t see her sitting really close to any one guy to state that she had a BF, so I moved in for the kill.

Then got shut down once I found out her BF was the Seth on the stream. lolz.

Would it be much trouble for you guys to add Marvel to tonamento? I wouldn’t care except we’re all going to ECT and it would be helpful to not be a bottom seed for us. I hope the numbers proved that $5 Marvel is in demand for next time :slight_smile: I can provide full results if you need

PM Sent.

Also remember kids, if you’re going to mate for women in heat, the last place you’d like to look for them is at a tournament.

But when the good ones DO show up at a tournament, more power to you, right?

Exactly. Gotta move where da wimminz are, man. :wink:

If I see a hot/cute/pretty girl at a tournament, damn straight I’m hittin’ on her. Until I find out she’s taken, then I’m forced to step back and try another day. D:

yea, i mean, meeting a hot chick that WOULD actually attend or be interested in the games is a huge turn on. :tup:

ok, back on topic…

I could see what you mean. But you’re there to play, not to get laid.