I’ve been looking for good C groove characters, I’ve tried outs everal characters…then I stumbled upon Cammy. Are there any cancels for her? Also, any strategies?

level 2 qcfx2 mk, after it takes them into the air and does its last hit, do that qcf+rh move to bring u down. then do the upwards super

cammy is great in all grooves. since cammy is very fast, you can do tippy-toe mind games on your opponent. just step in and out of your opponents range , abuse her FK (dont abuse too too too much)

any combo mania of cammy and a video of cammy…?

I like to press s.HP, go wack off to some donkey porn, then come back and do her level 3 super. It all combos!

i always just thought the donkey porn was part of the combo. can you mix it up with pregnant autistic girl porn?

works at the arcade try it out

fixed: Cammy A-Groove, Cammy can link alot of moves so experiment too.

A cammy = wrong

c-cammy has a good dash, standing fierce xx cannon drill super and cancel with dive kick and do cannon spike, or level 1 upwards super.

the dive cancel to the RSB super can only be done in the corner, and I can’t seem to get the CannonSpike to connect after the dive cancel. I don’t seem to be too far away, they just fall through it? Wuz the prob w/ that.

btw, when ur in close, what has more priority? cr.MP, CloseHP, or CloseHK? Which is better, I know cr.MP, and closeHP have better recovery, but I THINK that the close HK would have more priority. What do you guys prefer. I personally stick w/ close HP and cr.MP. cr.MP for combo opportunities, and close HP to push people out. I generally save closeHK for anti-cross-up. But what do you guys think?

you cannon drill all the way to the corner, once you’re in the corner you cannon spike, dive kick, cannon spike, dive kick etc. can’t do it mid-screen.

Oh, okay, thanx. Do you think you could jump back up after the dive kick and get off an airthrow? I’d prefer that to the Cannon Spike if possible

What are you talking about?

Are you talking about after the level 2 cancel? If so, then yeah, that would be pretty good wouldn’t it? The kick air throw does more damage than a deep RH cannon spike.

If you’re talking about an A-groove combo, then you’re in the wrong thread.

edit: some links

My priority notes etc… (the frame data will tell you everything you need to know)

A-groove Cammy

Well, this is a C-Cammy thread and the last few post were about lv2Cancels, so . . . yeah. Thanx for the links tho. I’m still working on getting the air throw off. Problem is that even if I’m too far for a throw and I get a j.HK, the j.HK goes through them, making me believe that they’re invincible during that time.

I don’t think you can combo the air throw from a level 2 cancel…or from anything for that matter.

so i’m asking this like million times

what can be done after lvl2 cannon drill (qcfx2) canceled by cannon spike (qcb) in MID SCREEN???

You could read, like, this guide someone wrote

anywhere on the screen:

qcf x2 + mk, after last hit in the air cancel to dive kick, land and do cannon spike (db+k), or lvl 1 qcbx2 super.

or if you wanna get fancy, land, mp, dash to the other side, cr.lk x 3 cannon drill/super

ok well first off i don’t know about cannon spike (dP+k, not db+k, i believe right?), but lvl1 qcbx2 super will NOT connect unless it is done in the corner.

you said MP, so does that mean i can hit my apponent in midair with mp? do i have to dash after i land in order to be able to connect MP?

thanks for replying