C/D cancelling

I recently discovered that when starting up or anytime during a C+D charge attack you can cancel it into any special or super move so long as you continue to hold down C or D during the input.

I found it worked out pretty well with shen woo, charging C+D, switching to charging qcf+C, mixing up cancelling it out with D and letting it fly. charging C+D and releasing qcf+A or qcf+B, or just releasing C+D.

so has anyone else experimented with this?

yeah this is kinda well known already. you see ppl use it to bait the rolling of unblockables.

CD canceling makes me want to change my button layout. from ACBD to ABCD.

I’ve done it a bit with Andy, Terry and Robert, it works out pretty cool.

I have to practice that.

I’m runnin ABCD, works out well once you get used to it. ACDB gets cramped in my opinion.

what sort of tactics were you using? I’d like to hear some specific usages from folks.

I’m having trouble with it. Any more tips?

hold C+D, release either punch or kick depending on the type of special/super you’re using, and then input the command with the other button still held down. if you use jab or short, you don’t even have to release C+D.

example: with shen woo, you hold CD, release C, input qcf+C and the CD is cancelled into qcf+C.

You find it easier on

I do have trouble with such a small set of buttons haha.