C geif/akuma/sagat

just started using this team 2 days ago and its working out pretty well (xbox live) it seems about every person ranked B-A i go against its toe to toe, altho rank imho means nothing on live, im ranked like M only because about 75 percent of ppl i beat disconenct =/. (getting off topic) anyway is there any suggestions, mainly im worried about akuma, im good with him but not great, actually same goes for geif. and is C the best groove for these guys? i find myself saving a level 3 super and wasting it far too often. the way i play my characters if it makes any difference:
zangief, alot of rolling into lariats/suplexes, when ppl are good against rolls i try jumping but usually just get owned
akuma, rush hard, alot of hurricane kicks and air fireballs, try raging demons when i get the meter up but till i get my joystick working again its not much use =P
sagat, basically quite a bit of turtling, when they get far away i alternate low/high tigers till he gets close then either chp or uppercut, tiger raid is the move i use the most, mostly open with jumping hk if timing is right it works, but i only get it like 50 percent of the time. any suggestions would be helpful, but as you can probably tell i am quite new to the game so im not big with the lingo, i dont understand pretty much anything ppl are talking about in the character stradegy section =/

Don’t use C gief. C Sagat is great, and C Akuma is pretty good. Sagats c.hp is super cancelable, don’t roll into moves.

I think C-Sagat is considered his best groove? I dunno. He’s a dick in any groove really.

I think I read that Gunter thinks C-Gief is the best Gief… He usually knows what he’s talking about, so… take if for what you will.

I think you’ll have to learn Roll-cancelled lariats though. I think they’re really important for him.

I like C-Akuma myself, because I don’t have a time limit on my Raging demon… but I’m a Raging Demon whore so I dunno if that matters or not. :slight_smile:

can you rc in xbox cvs2? i heared it wasnt possible and if it is do you have a link on how to RC?

Actually K is the best geif, INO said it himself. Yeah Gunter knows what he’s talking about but INO won evo… Yeah C Sagat is the best because of his massively damaging lv2 cancels… And no you cant RC on xbl.

level 2 cancel into what? :wink: , anyone have some links to videos with these guys in the hands of a pro, would be good to see some combo’s

Yea but… ino is ino… what works for him is not going to work for everyone. That guy can get himself out of crazy situations by jding (ie geting like a quarter of his life back from a honda hundred hand slap)… Now im not saying he’s wrong, im just saying you have to look at it from that perspective…

Sagat lv2 cancel:j.rh,c.fp,lv2 tiger raidxxdp mp/lv1 tiger cannon. Or start with c.mk/a plain c.fp.

K-Gief is too good… JD/ F.A.B. when raged R2 is too mean… I also think Mr. Crouching Fierce works better in N or K, not that he’s not a monster even in P or S though… gimmee JD any day though…


C gief is only really effective if you can RC. He has great range and all, but RC’s add so much more to his game.

Since you’re pretty new to the game, I’d suggest concentrating on more general strategies like when to roll or not roll, when to jump, rush, etc. Check out the strategy threads on here and go from there. Good luck