C groove bison?



I see like 40 threads about A-Groove bison and 0 threads (or maybe i missed one) about C groove bison… so does anyone use C-Groove bison? I like to play in C groove and i’m thinking of having him replace my lvl 1 rugal. I used to use bison a lot when the game first came out , but haven’t used him since. I’m not gonna claim to be an expert on him, but it seems bison (regardless of groove) has good priority edge and a frame advantage (in terms of normal moves) in most matchups. i try to avoid the entire bison, sakura, blanka (2) CC A groove mania … so it’s basically C groove bison or no bison for me.

the only thing that keeps with rugal is his lvl 2 cancel ability. i might be wrong, but i don’t think C groove bison can match meter rugal in terms of damage. anyways what are your opinions?


Try these threads (they’re old):

I agree, Bison can’t match Rugal’s lvl 2/general meter options.


time to wake this thread up (and have people help me)

in c-groove m.bison has…

-roll and rc cursher

-air block

-level three and two

he losses…

  • scarry at any point cc with major damage

-quick recovery

this translates into…
-before meter bison plays the same way… build meter and run away… in c groove its a little safer to run with air block so this task is only a little easier and can cause a empty jump in mix up… ( but not as good as a full A meter empty jump in mix up)

-so now that you dont have that cc your lk. sicssor kick is not as scarry and you lost a pretty good anti air , instead you turtle , stay on you back ready to pull out that level three

-when they get in close use a dash throw or a standing lk, mix it up with s.mp/mk or d.mk if lucky (they’ll be looking for that kick)

-you still have those alpha counters so use them … its pretty easy to run and build meter with bison

-you main offnese will be in how good you poke/dash throw game is … dont over use the rc crusher, and mix in some empty jump throws if they catch on that they cant wake dp your air block

-you main problem is no dp… so you have to make sure the opponent doesnt get in the area where your best poke is s.mk… its an ok poke but this is where you get small jumpers and mai’s and naks to do instant overhead games and get you to block… only a really fast level three/rc can help you… so when in that position reset or throw … dont wait too long… if you see the small jump then s.lp will at least trade, if they jump over then try to strait jump, or crusher to escape and reset

-if your really good and your opponent doesnt have a really fast lv3 supers of their own then invest in teleport… it just adds one more demension into running and building meter

-and if they are cashing you give them a good sicssors kick , you can get this off once pergame but after that it drecreases their offense a notch in anticipation for that kick

-on using that super guage … well you really want to save it … if you use it randomly then you the lvl 2 super kicks and cancle it with a head stomp to escape(Im not sure if you can do a teleport cancle)

(so whats wrong with my strategy)

Cvs2 team formation: discussion/suggestions, etc

NEVER rc crusher unless its the fierce version to get out of the corner thats it, besides that you use rc lk scissor.

no good AAs? c.fierce is your friend, cross ups are hard for bison to AA in general except A-bison where he can activate. even small jumps you just hit c.fierce. your supers should be used in your combo, other then that don’t try and use it as a far AA or something. mix it up with rc headstomp and the other one with the punch (can’t think of the name). Don’t get predictable with it. space yourself for 1 hit rc lk scissors is best distance to keep.

Don’t turtle too much, after you get a knockdown from doing rc lk scissors or something go on the offense and mix it up so when your next to their corpse they think twice of what to do on wake up.

don’t charge too much that you turtled into a corner and they are just picking you off left and right. his teleport is not safe against certain characters. don’t waste supers I can’t stress that enough when I watch people play and see them doing random supers hoping it hits from miles away.

don’t headstomp sagat with bar cause theres enough time for him to catch you with the high cannon super any level.