C groove blanka vs. k groove yamazaki

whats the best way to take down a k groove yama with c groove blanka? the hk after ball is blocked is the biggest killer for me

Don’t do a blanka ball unless you can combo it.

Cross yamazaki up a lot, like after every knockdown. Sweep more than usual, same with df + fierce.

here’s a tip: STOP SUCKING. haha peter, you’l never beat my yama!!!

ps: doing too many df+f vs. yamazaki is dumb. after blocking one, s.rh can almost always land for free.

Why in the fuck are you doing Blanka Balls at Yamazaki anyway? He can obviously punish you. You might as well hold forward and walk into his roundhouse. That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.

Try playing entirely differently. Like, outside of RCing some shit, Yamazaki can get rushed the fuck down if he can’t super you or use roundhouse to zone you out. Get a knockdown and start RC pikachu chip damage, cross up combos, etc.

There are only two situations where you use the blanka ball:

1.) In a combo.

2.) To travel after a downed opponent (usually it’s mp ball) especially after you throw him in order to break him with rc electricity upon wake up.

And yes, doing a lot of fierce punch slides is dumb especially when your opponent constantly does standing rh afterwards as an implication that it’s not going to work.

Blanka’s slide is safe if blocked. You just can’t do it point black. It’s like cammy’s spiral arrow. In blanka’s case, if done right, it pushes yamazaki too far. If he does rh, it will whiff.
However, do it too often and he will JD it, then your dead meat. Still much better than him blocking and counter hitting 100% of your blanka balls.

Dear lord, you people have no idea what is going on in this game.

First off, like Shin Ace already said, DF Slide is safe if blocked at the right distance. Have you guys not even seen this before?

Most of D/F Fierce’s animation goes UNDER Yama’s S.Roundhouse. So anytime you do this and Yama decides to press Roundhouse the moment after, you win.

Fierce slide also punishes Yama S.Roundhouse easily. What you should be doing in this match(and almost everytime you fight Yama) is make him wiff S.Roundhouse, then free slide->knockdown->crossup strings/ RC Electricity.

Another trick is, if you see Yamazaki do his slash move, RC or not, SLIDE. This works almost everytime:
try and bait a slash while moving back and forth.
Crouch block the moment you see the slash.
Then immediately Fierce Slide.

If he does the Fierce slash(low) you will block it…
if he does the Strong slash(mid) you will punish and knock him down.

Just block the slash and hit him with LEVEL 3 DIRECT LIGHTNING!

its very difficult to get close… roll in i get thrown and jump in get s.hp, slash, or taunt and counter while im in the air. he doesnt use slash outside of a combo. headbutt -> sand -> low slash. if i do manage to get close enough he JD’s most all the pokes even elect. its really annoying just sits and waits until he sees an opening then total rush down.

Ok. Try these two things:

  1. Block a headbutt->sand->low slash combo. Then, retaliate with LEVEL 3 DIRECT LIGHTNING!

  2. Get hit by a headbutt->sand->low slash combo. Then, retaliate with LEVEL 3 DIRECT LIGHTNING!