C groove help


i’m just starting to take this game seriously… till now, i’ve only played this game for fun, cuz it’s next to the DDR machine, and i get to watch asian girls play while i’m playing, but they moved the DDR machine… now i’m starting to want to play this…

i use…

N - ken, sagat r2, cammy

my friend told me to change up…like…

C - chun, cammy, sagat r2

i don’t want to lose ken, or change members, but the groove is doable…

however, there’s no shortjump and run in C groove… how can i get around sagat’s slowness in C?





if u mean RC… i suck at that right now… i get it only like 1/10 of the time


No, I’m pretty sure he meant Roll, then super. :slight_smile: Uber-stupid beginner tactic, but it still works.

You can use a whiff tiger knee to cover distance after a knockdown sometimes…


Sagat doesn’t need RC to win. He plays like Kyo. RCing all the time with those two will actually hurt more than it helps.