C Groove Ken



I was wondering a couple of things, like what do you guys do for supers with C Groove ken? I have one which is his lvl2 shryureppa canceld into eather a hurrican kick in the air, but that only hits once, or his flippy kick thing, or the same lvl2 into a lvl1 shinryuken. Anybody do anything else???

Also, just a general C groove question, can you hit somebody after a lvl1 after a lvl2. I’m new so I dont know the proper way to write that or the proper terrminology. thanks.


Cool C-groove combo.

THis is a C-groove combo that I invented. This combo is obviously with Ken.

Jump, Landing + medium kick, down + low kick, standing + low punch, standing + HIgh punch, then Lvl 3 tatsumaky sempukiaku ( QCBx2 + any kick).

THere are a lot of combinations with Ken in C-groove. Most of the time I cancel the Shoryureppa with a roll then Shiryuken…



RYu, TErry, Ken



Try a j.HK into a c.HK canceled by QCFx2+LK. This hits at about 5,000 damage which is pretty decent for a Lvl 1 bar. Especialy considering that a Lvl 3 Shoryu Reppa only takes about 5,600.

Make better use of your bar. That Lvl 2 Shinryuken into Senpukyaku is way too weak for what it’s worth.


Try this out:

j.HK, s.HK, QCFx2+MP, QCB+LP, z+LP, QCFx2+LK

I saw this in a video once and tried it out. It’s pretty effective, good damage.


Wheres My Pencile

<------Scatters around and looks for pencil, writes down combos feverishly.


when u have lvl 2 charge try this out … anything into qcfx2 + sp, rdp + rk

yea it might sound weird but it does more damage than any lvl 2 c-groove combo ive seen anywhere else for ken … jus practice the timing to catch them in the air with the last part … do the rdp + rk the same moment u would otherwise do the roll … crowd pleaser hehe

by the way i kno im 4-months late but im surprised nobody ever posted this


let the shoryureppa get 6 hits then xx rdp + k


your 1st combo u know canceling into hurricane kick. if you time it right you can hurricane kick cancel and whiff them then you can do a fp dragon punch. also is BnB combo super is crossover mk, ducking mk, level 2 qcfx2 p, hcb lp (command roll) into fp dragon punch/level 1 vacuum super. also if your in the corner substitute the command roll for his hck hk (funky kick)

hope this helps.


you don’t have to RC to get good at this game.


funky kick? bleh i just give up on rcing, cant get it to work i think…


wow for a minute i thought this moron actually knew what he was talking about when he mentioned short short super. a shitty ass rc whore probly.

ok moving on, guys. if you ever hit with the lvl 2 shoryureppa, i believe the most damaging non super link is to just cancel the last 2-3 hits of the shoryureppa with a jab roll, then hit them with fierce dp. you should delay the fierce dp, or else it will only hit twice.
and if your in the corner, of course everyone knows the imfamous lvl 2 shoryureppa, cancel jab roll, jab dp, then shinryuken.

short, short, into super is crucial for ken. it’s how ur gonna land the lvl 2 shoryureppa most of the time. unless you know your gonna hit them or they’re dizzy, use short short.


y short short not jab jab? just wondering, does it come out faster? more range?


Because short has more range and it’s easier to link. cr lk, cr lk, qcf+lk, qcf+mp

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i tend to use lp,lp, c. mk


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Calm down and give more strategies.

For guard crush I tend to use the following combos;

On big characters

Jump with high kick, standing + medium kick, standing + QCF + High kick. THis does an insane amound of guard damage.

another one would be

Jump, landing with medium kick or HK, Down + low kickx2, standing + low punch, and QCF + High Kick.

Rcing the QCF + low kick is the shit. It rules. I have noticed that many people are starting to use that annoying guile. What do you guys recommend agains that sonic boom annoying bastard? If you are playing against him with Ken of course.



anyone see that advanced combo video at sonichurricane.com there was this ken vid and the last combo i really didnt get how to do it i think it was in the corner, jump mk, rh, dp +mp , then when they go up and you hit the ground, do a level 2 shinryuken, then into a dp + hp, anyone know if thats right?


that’s right. timing has to be near perfect. to make it easier you could sweep into the super or lp dragon punch. also this works when they jump and you do a lp dragon punch. what i do after the super is i cancel into a lk hurricane kick that whiffs into a fp dragon punch.