C-Groove Playmaker



I just picked up Sagat due to the many, many losses I’ve been dealt. When I first picked him up, all I worked on was hit confirm xx super. Now that I’m doing a little better, I’m working on a few B&Bs.

Anyone have any advice to give to a starting Sagat user?


HP is the button that u want.


Practice/focuse on having a strict ground game method first. Second practice combo, doesn’t have to be crazy just practical usage (ie): close up standing jab x2
Tiger Crush/ Upper Cut /Tiger Raid etc. C-Sagat can be a mischievous character depending on your objective the question is what will your objective be? use him for the purpose of building meter?


can you elaborate on having a strict ground game? i dont really understand what you mean.

and my objective for him, is just to pick up the mess of my other two chars. :smiley:


Strict Gound Game: Create opportunity, watch, anticipate, wait, execute, and gamble don’t guess.


far s.LK, far s.HP, c.HP, vertical j.HK (or lj.HK in low jump grooves)

Those 4 moves can get you a lot of wins when used properly.


1.) Weak Points

Which character do you have a difficult time fighting MS?, and why?


K-Myke Tyson’s HP is painful. Except standing hk, psychic DP’s, random game (which sucks), or rc fireballs, which are easily just defended my moves cannot stuff this punch…
Once you get close its a different story.


also very nice, Jumping strong kick, lv.2 tiger knee, when the enemy is also in air, lv.1 tiger shot. very nice. when you have only 2 lv. left. strong jumping kick, lv.2 tiger knee, strong tiger uppercut. not so difficult with 10 min. practice.


Blanka and Cammy are pretty big problems for me.

I went on this Cammy vs Sagat rant in the Cammy section just a little bit ago. It’s hard to get in on her when she’s playing footsie and keep her distance.

And Blanka is just a problem all around. RC Blanka ball through almost anything I can come up with.

And I have this inate fear of Ken… But then again, it’s just me. and with ALL my characters. >_<


Cammy is a nuisance for me also.

I was beating on every other character with yamazaki and sagat, but her pokes are invasive… she’s quick.


i always have trouble with bison on saget