C-Groove Sagat vs A/C Blanka

I am curious on how Japanese Sagats handles this matchups? Outside of the roll the cr FP and slide into BB.

I’m not sure EXACTLY what the Japs do, but this is how most people approach this matchup.

This is an uphill battle. I don’t play a lot of Sagat, but I play a lot of A/C Blanka (with RCs and all), and this is what gives me trouble against Sagat.

Play defensively. This matchup is a cat and mouse game, and you are the mouse.

Best to keep him outside with his fierces, and s.MK and occasionally throw tiger shots (low/high) when he’s outside of his range to prevent him from dashing or using jab balls to get inside… Blanka’s goal is to get in close and make you block things, so he’ll likely want to get in close. The best ways to do so are RC Jungle Hops, Jab Balls, or getting you to commit to a poke, letting him jump safely and forcing you to block a j.MK/HK. You don’t want Blanka to get close. Sagat doesn’t really have a good answer to Blanka’s crossover, so you want to keep him from doing that.

In close, I recommend using s.jab and s.short often, and watch out for the crossover. If you react fast enough, you can either early LP TUC it or jump back and fierce (ShortJump back with fierce is preferable, if available). Under any circumstances do you NOT want to block a jump in from Blanka, because that’s how he’d want to start his pressure. So, be more wary of using your c.HP. If he predicts it, you might eat a jump-in, and subsequently, a super… At worst, you’ll be forced to block his jump-in, and he’s in the zone.

Basically, you want to keep within a defensive mindset. Keeping him out of his optimal range, and taking away his options and forcing him to make a mistake. ALWAYS be ready to Tiger Uppercut. Often, I get the other guy to block a j.MK/HK with my Blanka because he wasn’t ready to TUC. Blanka’s fast jump makes c.HP not-so-safe… it’s still crouching fierce though so it’s still good. :slight_smile: