C-Groove Sakura Level 2 Cancels

this thread is made for C-groove sak level 2 cancels. although C-groove obviously isn’t her best groove, it’s still fun to mess around with. and since she builds meter so damn quick, and C-groove builds the quickest, she can do some nasty shit in no time.

anyway, i’ll call the 2 qcf + p the super fireball, 2qcf + k the rush super, and the 2qcb + k the ground spin super. all damage numbers are level 2 C-sak vs level 2 C-kyo.

at point blank range, the level 2 super fireball does pitiful damage (2940). the level 2 rush super does 3780. the level 2 ground spin super does 3465.

i don’t even use the level 2 fireball super in my level 2 cancels because it’s pretty much worthless and a waste of meter.

for my combos, i’ll usually start off with a crossup mk, cr lp, cr fp, then the super of choice.

after that setup, i’ll do a level 2 ground spin super, and cancel it into a fp uppercut BEFORE she does the final kick. this keeps the opponent on the ground, which allows for all hits of the uppercut to connect. i also build the meter from the fp uppercut, which is about half a level 1. if i’m in the corner, i’ll do her dp+rh move instead of her fp uppercut for 3 hits and style points:cool:


after that setup, i’ll do a level 2 rush super, and cancel it into either a fp fireball or a hk hurricane kick BEFORE the opponent gets off the ground. the level 2 super itself shouldn’t hit for very long, and it’s all a matter of timing. after she spins around for the SECOND time, i cancel the move into whatever special.

those 2 cancels should get you around 6000+ damage with the crossup stuff included.

any other good ones?

Some people mention that combo like it’s nothing… should i feel like a gimp because i cant do it very well? (rh hurricane into lp)

let the trash talk begin… :smiley:

Cross up mk -> stand fk XX Hurricane Kick -> standing jab -> Level 2 Uppercut super <super cancel> Hurricane Kick -> standing jab -> standing short XX fierce dp

If they are dizzy, which might be the case, whiff a couple lk ground hurricane kicks for some meter, and go back into the same combo. Get that jab link down and this is like 75-80% if you dizzy them

me neither, although i haven’t ever REALLY tried it.

and i know what you’re saying. people throw around that combo like it’s sakura’s B&B.

and good shit mummy-b. it sounds like a mr. mem combo:lol:

goes off to practice

I wish i could practice it, i practiced it once in the arcade (i dont have a stick and home and refuse to practice on a dc pad >_<) and i only got it a couple of times…

I was wondering what her overall strongest C combo was…

I always use this mid match because of how extremely safe missing the link to the super is when you use her hurricane kick super:

c.mp, qcb+fk, jab, level 2 hurricane kick super (or 1/3 depending on groove) dp+fp or when in corner dp+fk

Once you learn how to buffer the super in and time the jab, Sakura becomes way better in any groove.

xx 214+HK, s.LP, s.MP xx 623+HP is the best one.

The link is a little tricky, but with enough practice, it can be done 100% of the time.

this is the one I often do, go… jump-in HP,c.MP, qcb+HK,s.LP,s.LK,qcfx2+MK(super), cancel on 4th hit with qcb+HK,s.LP,s.MP,dp.HP…Dizzy…whiff bla,bla,bla and do the same again…42 hit combo… :cool:

qcb+HK -> s.LP is stronger in a-groove by far (since it doesnt really matter if you land the link or not)… i would just stick to qcb,qcb+MK -> dp+HP

does sak have any whiff punishing stuff like sagat’s low forward or chun strong?
also why cancel into fierce dp when you can cancel into jab dp after the spinning super finishes?

im basically trying to decide between c sak or c cammy
what do yall think?

C sak over C cammy and her whiff punishing move is standing hk.

Thanks, but what about long range buffers/links into lvl 2? I dont really know how fast her supers are, but they seem like theyd only be good for close range comboing.

fireball super: for anti air use

uppercut super: combo off c.lk, c.lk. you can combo it off c.mk. I hate to use frame data when describing shit, but her c.mk is pretty fast and bufferable into super

spin kick super: for roll super, dive kick into super, and etc shenennigans. pretty safe if blocked and they must block low.

all of her lps and lks are bufferable into super. not sure about standing mps, but i know c.mp is. standing mk is not, but c.mk is. only close hp/hk is bufferable, far ones are not. c.hp is bufferable, so is c.hk. however, only level 3 fb connects off her sweep (c.hk).

i seems that people have their own oringanal way of using her~! Me? I go all out offensive with the A

(vs jump ins) level2 fireball super xx LP shoryu
(trip guard) level 2 sweep super xx HK hurricane, s.lp xx level 1 shoryu super