I originally played C-Groove, then jumped around from N to K, now I am back to C because I have seen some COOL super cancels!

Can all the C-Groove experts post their coolest SUPER CANCELS!

And by cool, I am NOT talking about - Chun Li’s LEVEL 2 KICK cancelled into her LEVEL 1 KICK, but more on the lines of Chun Li’s LEVEL 2 KICK cancelled into her RH LIGHTNING LEGS, followed by the links - c.LP, c.MP xx LEVEL 1 KICK SOUP!

Please post the CANCELS in which a LEV 2 is cancelled into something that eventually leads into a LEV 1! If not, any sort of cancellation that would make people go WOW is fine.

Let’s see as many characters as possible PRO’s.

Thanks in advance to all those who post!!!

By the way, where can I see some GREAT C-GROOVE VIDS!!! :smiley:

kick that soup!

I kick your soup for FREE!

ahaha. gee. Wall start. Now kick soup

soupkick that shit
Going to kick some scrub soup!
Try this soup kick! It will make everyone go WOW!!!

with ryu do
level 2 jump kick
cancel into low medium kick
then do level 1 hadoken!!!

Your oppoent just got his soup kicked!

You got me interested… Where can I learn more about this crazy soup you guys are talking about. I bet when I find out, I’m gonna be like… WOW!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :confused:


“I dont belief!”

eese so seempoh.


jumpin fk land cr. fp xx lvl 2 qcb hcf mid punch, qcf hk+hk, wait for it then dp+Hk or level 1 qcb hcf

or u can do cr. Mk xx Final showdown, qcf hk+hk, wait for it then dp+Hk or level 1 qcb hcf


jumpin fk land fp xx buster wolf (level 1) then lvl 2 power geyser then Fierce burn knuckle or weak burn knuckle then power dunk

A Burghy, don’t make me STRONG BAD your ass!!!

By the way, nice combo :lame:

Thanks Hungry Wolf, would you happen to know any for Balrog?

here’s a good one…

when ur opponent it totally expecting it, u do:

roll cancelled into super

then they will be mad and say it’s a scrub tactic…so what u do to show em it’s not is:

roll cancelled into super.

u can’t beat roll, super. RS > RC.

Dan C groove combo IN the Corner… Jumping lk cancle to qcb MK… then… qcb2+mp… taunt on the way down…to Fp Dragon punch/or qcb2+lp

I have other but their with DAN :frowning: Meh?

I got more with Ken/Ryu/kim/Maki. I post later if any one cares.:eek:

Hey No Defence,

The Cancel with Dan sounds nice, but who really uses Dan unless your messing around.

What’s Kim’s?

kims sets up an infinite. check out finalshowdowns thread in kim section. (show posts from beginning)

I have already checked out Kim and the infinite section…

The infinite is to difficult for me to even try to attempt, so I was wondering if he had anything more practical

Oh by the way, do you know Balrog (Boxer), or anyone know his

All I am doing right now is the Level 2 punch super, than cancel into his shoulder attack thing (d,u+P), sorry not good with names.