Is this a good Groove 4 her…Plz tellz me


Yes. It’s not Hibiki’s best groove, but it’s still good.


p groove is her best IMO


P groove hibiki rocks!

though i believe her best groove is either N or K… counter -> super is just plain nasty


I still don’t get why P-Hibiki is so great? It’s not like she needs the parry for anything really. Shes got s.fp for anti air, j.strong for jumping in, and numerous pokes that advance her. Oh well, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, Hibiki is pretty solid no matter what groove you put her in. C is good because shes got air blocking for some Late Air Block action and maybe for some air-air confrontations, and she can sit on that Level 3 alllllll damn day. Though Id have to concur with the dude who said N or K are her best grooves. I believe she gains Rage Meter when she performs her Counter… someone correct me if I’m wrong.