C.hp inf

I’am sure everyone knows what I’am talking about even if my description may be weird. But I always see players do it with Magneto and I’ve seen it with Psylocke and Storm. Basicly you snap a character out but the hit the side of the screen and Mags dashes in and just C.HP them till there dead.

With Storm I think it’s just s.HK

Anyway how do you do it?

I think your talking about the Assist-snapback-infinite or the Juggle-infinite, thats done on assists only. How this works is that when you snapback BOTH characters (your opponent + their assist)… your opponent goes directly away to the side of the screen. Their assists on the other hand don’t. They bounce on the wall… hit the ground… Then, they go off to the side of the screen… So what that means is that you can immediately dash forward (assuming your far away), and do c.lk, launch… or just go directly for the launch. Then just launch over & over then death

Magneto’s launch is C.HP
Storm’s launch is S.HK
Psylocke’s launch is C.HP
Spiral’s launch is. C.HK
Strider’s launch is C.HP

Not all characters launch till death though… Some people’s launchers are too slow, to do it over n over again. (like ironman’s). But that doesn’t mean they can’t still juggle assists. They surely can. There are 2 other ways of juggling them (people don’t talk about this often, but it is very well possible & pratical, also rarely pulled off in arcades)

1. doing something else besides launch-to-death. For cammy it’s launch, lp, lk, lp, lk, DF+LK (storm kick down), launch, repeat to death. The way this works is because the kick-move down (forgot what its called) leaves them in the air a bit longer, so thats why you can fit another launcher, and repeat. For ironman, you can do HK, fly, unfly, repeat. But you have to be consistant and FAST. if you mess up, their assist will escape. For sentinel, you can fly, rocket punch, lk, mk, repeat.

2. Using your OWN assist to help juggle. Check out this video at 48 seconds (anarkis/sonson)

[media=youtube]MRCUQ7x7pjw[/media] (crappy quality though)

Anarkaris’s launcher is too slow (i think). So with the help of his assist, SonSon is able to help juggle the assist till their dead. Keep in mind that people rarely ever do options #1 & #2, but it is very well practical. Most people just want the easy way out, and do the launch-till-death cause its the most easiest… but whenever somebody pulls off option 1 or 2 above, thats when the crowd gets WILD because they don’t expect it as seen in the anakaris video at :48 seconds :smokin: Damn, i should write a guide on this not-so-much-talked-about subject huh? :rofl:

insomniac gave a very thorough description.

it might help if you list what team you use, then we can give you setups into it. another thing is if you do have to dash across the screen, you might need to OTG them first with lk, then launch into s.hk with storm.

also another thing, don’t let sentinel get too low or else you might lose him due to super armor.

Cammy can just do S.hk repeatidly. Dash in and do c.lk c.hp and then do s.hk s.hk s.hk repeat.

some characters can’t do this but some of those character can do launch lp lk mp mk pause lp lk land launch.

ironamn can do s.hk XX fly (U+HK) X N

sent is a lil tricky. if the assist doesnt have alot of health u can try launching doing a magic serires and then Fly and do lk mk pause lk mk pause lk mk rocket punch and it should reset everytime and do enough damage to kill someone.

if not u could try laucnh lp lk mp pause lk land launch magic serires fly lk mk.

or if u have meter to burn u can just do HSF and then do a corner combo and that should kill or do major damage.

i have one question though**

when should u dash in and c.lk c.hp and when should u dash and in C.hp

wouldn’t it be a bad idea to do a c.hp cuz if u do it too late the c.hp might miss the character. I seen some ppl do c.lk and c.hk and then do one rep of the Rom cuz the character was too far away to do a C.hp

Wow, thats alot of info thanks! Insomniac, Seal and Dann =). I try to mixup my teams. I usually play a combination of Rouge, Storm, Sent, IM, Magneto, CapCom. Yeah Dann I was wondering about setups for it because generally from my obervation I see it done mostly with Psy and Mag.

So I was wondering if there was a way to initiate it.

If I’m playing scrubs that I don’t mind losing the assist, I’ll do what everyone does:
s.jab c.hk sj ad/d.hk land c.hk [sj ad/d sj.lk sj.mk]x2 into whatever.

I always end with: launch, fly, [f.jab]repeated

Generally, the best setup is if you can get a snapout that will hit two people. You can also random snapout some people if you anticipate an assist call, then walking up and launching.

the reason you always see it with Magneto and psy is 1 because its so fast and easy, and 2 because it’s necessary. Normally the Magneto Psylocke team will be matched up against a capcom sent or capcom storm. Together, sent or storm with captain commando, make them deadly and magneto sucks at taking damage. So if you kill captain commando, you just deal with 2 on 1, which is in your favor.