C. jab > TT help

Hello, Abel comrades. = D If someone could help a newbie understand something with abel’s frame data, I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance. My question is based on the concept of abel’s c. jab on block, since it gives + 2 frames on block. I was wondering why abel players can predict an opponent is going to jump and use s. fp (Close) to stop them from jumping, while making the opponent stay grounded; yet a Tornado throw will just miss horribly? Am i doing something wrong? The math and logic i am using is +2 frames and TT has 5 frame start up, which is a 3 frame gap. I would think an opponent could not jump if the start up frames on jumping is like 4 frames? Please correct me if i’m horribly wrong.

I believe that jump startup frames are immune to throws.

edit: http://shoryuken.com/wiki/index.php/Super_Street_Fighter_IV#Throws

i dont know what ur exactly tryin to say but sounds like ur either doing it too early, kinda like doing a tick throw too early. or u used HP version of TT and ur out of range. im not sure if u know but fierce punch TT has the least amount of range

Yeah like meph said, the start up frames of a jump are immune to throws. But if they’re constantly jumping to avoid being thrown they should be easy to read and therefore punish.