C.lk, qcb+lp xx SA1?

Can’t do it, saw it in a ranbat. @_@


What the hell motion do you use? :lol:

replace the qcb with a rdp. The motion to super cancel it is a little wierd, but works.

just do qcb+lp then qcf*2+p. Fast. That’s how I do it at least.

It’s the same for Ken’s c.Forward -> Hurricane xx SA =P And yeah, I do it just like Hol Horse T.T;

Why would you rdp?

I can do it now, I guess I just wasn’t doing it fast enough? Forgot I even made this thread. I was thinking you could delay it a little more, and I think I was kind of just mashing qcf p qcf p, rather than qcf qcf p.


…all this time I thought his axe was a rdp, :shake: man I’m fuckin dumb. Oh well it’s been working for me anyway thanks to lose controls.

and eISH, nice Twelve. I remember playing you on live 12 vs 12 I think that was the first time I ever lost a 12 mirror match. Good shit.

XD, I don’t think Capcom has ever used rdp as a motion for a move.

And waitttt… Ken can combo into tatsumaki, and then into shippu?

Fei Long, Karin

Also Ibuki

Yep, you get style points sir. It’s the new c.forward Hadou xx Super! Or if you guys aren’t ready for the new era, go with Daigo’s c.forward strong Shoryu xx Super :badboy:


And Elena…

Doesn’t need to be EX… just do it really fast.

Any ther good combos for the mighty top tier G-Mutant?

Close Strong xx SA1
s.Forward superjump cancelled SA1

Jumping deep HK, SA1 can be good to use. Though it’s not verifiable. This can be useful (sometimes) in wake-up if the opponent blocks low

T_T I feel sorry for the badass G-Mutants…

I’m sure I’ve done qcb+lp then immediately qcf+lp, I’m not sure if I’m accidentally going hcf or not, but as long as I do it almost before the first AXE hits, it works.