c.lk vrs c.lp

Over in the Evil Ryu thread, for example,
many of the combos start with C.lk > c.lp
Why do they do that? c.lk is 4f start up and -1 on block (At least the chart says… )

why wouldnt they just all start with c.lp c.lp ?

I remember reading something about “After two chain atks” (like lp lp) you can not special cancel.
Does lk lp avoid this limitations? Surely not,

Any other reason behind why lk is suggested? Plinking reasons maybe? to help insure that you strike on the first possible frame? (since we are talking about crouched atks.)

cr. lk is a low attack, which can be chained anyway so that u don’t have to bother with disadvantage on block.

It hits low, which is good if you do a fake jump in straight in to low attacks. I know you’re probably thinking “Well it’s easy to block low attacks” but when you’re expecting a jump in/safe jump & they do that it almost always hits.

as for the chaining thing, most character don’t have enough frame advantage on hit of a Crouch LK to link in to anything else anyway… Besides Rose. So most people will just chain the LK to LP part & then link in to whatever they’re trying to hit confirm to.

On top of hitting low, cLK is what comes out with crouch-tech (cLP+cLK), so it’s a nice option select.

There are sometimes when cLP is a better option. With Ken, his best hit-confirm is cLP > cHP. For characters like Chun-Li, though, it’s far easier to hit confirm with cLK, since it prepares Lightning Legs (kick x5) if it hits.

Yea, I understood the various reasons behind low atks, and that some characters use c.lp while others work with c.lk.

I was specifically asking why E,ryus combos would start with c.lks instead of c.lp.

there is no reason to start with c.lk instead of c.lp except for the fact that it works like an option select tech throw ? while c.lp would just work towards offence?

That being the case, can you plink the c.lk and c.lp inputs to help insure that your poke happens as early as possible?
seeing as that you are already sort of trying to delay it as long as possible, when avoiding reversals from wake up?


you’re underestimating the benefits of low attacks… and like some have already said, the cr.lk can be chained so the whole -1f on block thing can be ignored…

anyway its not like people are forcing you to start your combo/hit confirms with cr.lk…

I think it depends too much on the situation to answer definitively. It’s a lot easier to understand why the combos are typically listed with cLK since most combos are started when crouch-tech is the safest option (during an opponent’s blockstring or sometimes on wakeup). Against characters without many wakeup options though, cLP would probably be your best bet. I know that if I do a crossup that hits, cLP would be the more sensible option.

When going about maximizing damage, its completely up to your judgment. Sometimes utility (cLK) and damage (cLP) conflict, so you have to rely on context and reading your opponent. People typically favor utility since a combo is better than a block string, but if you know that cLP is safe and going to hit, you should go for that.

Interestingly enough, you can still cancel after chaining into E.Ryu’s close st.lk.

evil ryu top tier,

really? easy link in to LK Tatsu?