C.LP after EX Rush Upper?

need help connectign crouching light punches after the EX Rush Upper, is there specific timing for this combo, should i listen carefully on what balrog says then do the move, just need help on this link combo.

I think the hardest part about this is slowing down enough to hit this and the c.lk after.

And its all practice, you will get it after EX Upper #1200 or so

for some reason i cant do c.lp > c.lk after the upper
i dont no why lol

but in normal combo’s i can do it

after my ex upper i do c.lp x2


1.35 in

i find it easier to use c.lp

skemar can u actually help me on how to do two crouching light punches after the ex rush upper that’s what im stuck on.

i can try

i will make a lil to min video of ex upper > c.lp

so u can see the timing

When the rush upper hits, it will throw the opponent upwards. Right when he lands almost to a normal pose you start doing your c.lp to something.

Thanks for this mate, actually helped me getting the timing down.
Getting it to work in training mode now, long way to using it casually during matches, but hey, at least I’m getting there! :clapdos:

I use audio cues. I hit the lp button a bit after I hear the ex rush uppercut hit.

Double edged sword for me actually. I can do 10 reps of the ex rush uppercut loop blindfolded in training mode, but if somebody turns off the sound my chance of hitting the link correctly drops to like 40%.

Getting consistent with pulling off the cr. lp, cr. lk, HB after landing your EX RU is critical to becoming a strong balrog player. rainscape, considering that in many tournaments you won’t have your typical audio cues since you’re playing in a crowded, loud as F arcade, it tends to be better to learn the visual cues to time the cr. lp after EX RU.

Seeing the opponent land on his feet, as Rocky mentioned, is a good one, although I’ve never bothered to use this one since I was afraid that the landing time between the different characters might vary or look ambiguous. The visual cue I use is balrog’s glove, when it passed over his head and stops moving is when i jab. I know someone who likes to use the disappearing dust as a cue for the lp.

Anybody have any other visual cues not mentioned yet?

@TVTVTV: I’ve actually been practicing with sounds off since last weekend after experiencing that noise problem you mentioned when dropped by the arcade. :P. I can hit it pretty consistently with or without sounds now.

I’ve been using that white smoke (disappearing dust?) around Rog’s glove as a secondary cue aside from audio.

it doesn’t matter what you use to time it but make sure for gods sake you have 0 HDTV lag. Because if you master this and find out you have HDTV lag for a 1 frame window you’re gonna be owned if you try this anywhere else.

I had to relearn the timing myself cuz i had HDTV lag… pretty annoying ;[

Do c.jab x2. Better hitbox on the c.jab compared to c.short, which usually whiffs.

DS, I was under the impression that the cr. lk had better range than cr. lp. U sure? And foxquick, I don’t think i have HDTV lag, but how do check? I have trouble landing this at the CTF arcade, but that’s prbobably just because i screw up links when the pressure’s on.

For some reason I find it much easier to use c. lk. When I try 2 c. lps, sometimes the headbutt/ex rush uppercut doesn’t combo. I find myself having to do the special cancel a lot sooner with c. lp than I would need to had I used c. lk.

I think alot of people like lp because having to switch buttons and also time the pause to get the two hits to link is tricky. But I remember hearing that cr. lk has better range so that’s why I use it. How often are you guys able to get your EX RU to combo in a real match?

I can get it about 60% but i can honestly say i havent been practicing it like i should be

I practice first by timing. Just having a go doing it and seeing if I’m pressing it too late or too early and then adjust accordingly. Once I get a correct one I try to commit it to memory using some of the visual and aural cues.

Then it’s a case of rather than relying on the game giving me cues, I’ve got something that I playback in my head and pretty much my muscle memory does its work.

Yes, I was horrible at first, but I’ve found my execution getting to about 60% in casual play, with about 80% in training mode.

I suppose in theory this would be better since you’ve got your own sample of what to do as opposed to relying on environmental cues which can change depending where you play.

Well, I do c.jab x2 after the initial EX upper combo which I do off c.jab c.short. I was referring more to continuing the combo into headbutt. There’s preference, but there’s also distance on it, too. I say it’s best to learn both for whatever situation arises.

You can also do c.jab c.strong EX upper after the initial combo into EX upper.

I’m at around 80+% in a match. I play mostly offline casuals though so I don’t have to contend with lag.

But c. lk definitely has more range than c. lp. For instance, you can do 3x c. lp, c. lk xx headbutt, but if you tried 4x c. lp xx headbutt in exactly the same situation you’d whiff the last jab.

Can someone explain the charge buffering for another EX Upper after the crouching light kick?