C.mk = avoid metsu hado?

Was this some kind of freak occurrence? It happened in a match, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it in training mode. It was a cancel into hado, and his metsu hado went right over my head.

Anyone else ever seen this?

Well, I’ve done it several times by accident on regular hados, but I can’t replicate it when I want to.

Yeh same here. It’s known that cr.mk can duck under fireballs, but it’s extremely hard to deliberately time in a match.

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West has ADD. And possibly tourettes.

isn’t it so cool in slo mo lol

try it when he has 4 bars. input leniency, wygn?

cr mk only ducks HP fireballs all others hit. Also you can use cMK->RD to go through EX, MP and HP FBs if at mid range for a sick punish. I think ed ma was trying that at devastation against john choi but couldn’t get it. I’ve got it once after eating 4 fireballs failing. I think I’ll make a video.

Did it explode?

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yes u can cr.mk under it. but the question is why would u really want to?

Why cr.mk under a metsu hado, when you can just jump over it and punish. I am trying to see why this even matters, i.e. what advantage is their by cr. mk’ing under it as opposed to jumping over it? Or was this just to point out that it can not that its useful?

Hilarious. and informative.

This actually happened to me yesterday but against Ryus Super. Surprised me.

Oh I agree, much better to jump it and punish. I was just curious more or less.

Would it give a chance to avoid on wake-up when you can’t afford the chip damage (assuming you don’t have the bar to EX SRK to ‘safety’)?


I’m fairly certain you should be able to teleport out in that situation