C-Morrigan Super Cancels



I know Morrigan is best with the SNK grooves but she isn’t half bad without run. I was tinkering around with her in C. It’s really easy to cancel her s.mk into her qcfx2+k super. but i’m positive that you can tack a few more hits before it.

s.mk XX qcfx2+mk, qcfX2+lp
a bit tough to time the soul eraser at the end, but does around 6500 or more(depending on how many hits you get,sometimes you only get 1 hit from the eraser)

s.mk XX qcfx2+mk (land) qcfx2+lk
if you don’t have a full bar just do a dp+HK instead of the lv1

(air) qcfx2+mp (land) qcfx2+lk
you’ll have to do the lv2 low enough to the ground to land in time for the lv1

i know there’s waay better ones out there. start posting.


Cross up mk -> c.mp -> c.mk -> c.fp XX Darkness Illusion

Only combo that really matters.