C.MP hit confirm help

Whats the best method for hit confirming the c.mp a lot of times I mess up and fireball comes out.

Also I know its even harder and only really seen Diago ever do it (or appear to do it) but how does one hit confirm j.srk?

Strong into SAIII…

:mp::qcf::qcf: then drum the kicks. I’ll check to see if it hits during the quarters usually.

Take your finger off the MP as quickly as you can. If you’re getting c.MP x fireball then you’re probably negative edging by accident. Once you get the execution down, practice against training dummy set to random block.

Probably no Ken can hit-confirm into jab srk except from a 2-hit low chain (varies by character), or target combo. If you’re seeing otherwise they’re probably just in the zone, and paying enough attention to get a good enough idea of what the opponent is doing. Depends on the situation too, sometimes it’s not bad to guess if the character can’t do much (Yun w/o meter), etc.

G.Blaze just gave u ur best answer.

except, just TAP mp

You can also, in retrospect, just hold down the c.mp, buffer the motion for hte super, and if it hits, just drum rh and lk with your free ring and index finger (i am assuming you use middle finger for mp).

Thats the way I do it, and thats the way that works best for me and other players i know.

tap it so you don’t get buffer fire ball. Always try to link confirm it instead of cancelling it. Theres 2 windows to combo the c.mp but its much easier to do it as a link since you have more time to look for the hit. IMO, the buffer is what helps with the hit confirm. The more comfortable you are with your buffer the more @ ease you are when you’re hit confirming. It should always be like c.mp, buffer, hit confirm.

I guess theres only 2 types of super buffers. You can qcfx2 or 360 it. Personally, I use the 360 method and always drum the kicks.

qft. I hold it, too.

Hit confirming the cr. mp is easier\better than cr. mk?? and what about s. mp, is it any good for hit confirming?
…Guys sorry if the questions sounds silly…I’m very new to the SF world

P.S. This 360 methods sounds very cool…but slower. I will try it, thanx for the mention shoultzula :slight_smile:

Low MP is good because it gives much more time for a hit-confirm, and is a link, rather than a cancel. That means the timing is pre-set (I think).

Low MK is good because of its range, and can only be parried low. But it’s hardly useful as a hit-confirm. You can confirm the hit on closer range, by cancelling to a fireball before SA3, though. But I think you’re open to quick retaliation after a near-point-blank fireball.

High MP gives less time for a hit-confirm, but can’t be parried low. Range is also very poor.

I think a good set-up for the low MP hit-confirm is a close low LK, wait for a short moment, then a low MP, to outprioritize their retaliation.

Just want to add that [low] MP is great as a defensive poke, which lets you confirm the hit into SA3 for good damage.

Beautiful, thank you :slight_smile:

"But I think you’re open to quick retaliation after a near-point-blank fireball."
I really don’t think they can retaliate…I use it all the time (and I never seen anyone block it…except for max range) till they told me it’s risky to through fireballs alter a cr. mk (I use it even after a blocked cr. mk). I had no idea it was so easy to parry the fireball (-_-?

umm…what about far st. fp on opponent wake-up? I read on Mopreme’s blog that it can link to SAIII just now. gotta try it…wonder if it can be hit-confirmed?

far s.hp is a link so it can be confirmed.

they really really really can punish fireballs. dont do that shit

yes c.mp is easier because you can link it. C.mk has to be cancelled confirmed so its a little harder. Each has its purpose and each is better in different scenarios.

Personally, I like the s.mp confirm. Good range, decent priority and no one ever expects that range because not many people actually use it. I always wondered why no one else is really using it. Maybe its too fast for some people to hit confrim off of but I play marvel so the whole game seems really slow to me. The only people i’ve ever seen try it are the japanese.

theres no “slower” in 3s. I always do c.mp, 360 buffer hit confirm or c.mk, 360 buffer hit confirm and I rarely miss it. As long as you do your buffer properly you can do it anyway you want.

Terrible. Good players can hit-confirm off of just the cr. MK.

hitconfirming from cMP is easier.
There isn’t a “better” one between cMP and cMK hitconfirms, in that they have different uses. cMK has way better range and can’t be parried high, cMP comes out faster, is completely safe on block and works better as a sort of counter hit

good kens use both hitconfirms

confirming low strong shippu is real easy just practice,

as far as hit confirm jab shoryu that doesnt make a whole lot of sense cause its only one hit. For a low forward confirm to super or jab shoryu, that requires a lot of practice. To do that as an actual hit confirm as opposed to an automatic hit confirm i find it easier to confirm the hit off the opponants health bar because it is hard to see the hit animation clearly for low forward, especially if there crouching (although why they would be hit by it crouching i donno)

you essentially have until the red flash that appears in the opponants life bar recides to the end of the bar as a rough estimate for how much time you have to confirm low forward shippu, so its not easy. However its very possible as there are Kens in my area (gaijinblaze, phascist pig, that scrub samir) that do this all the time.

…well I practiced hit-confirming for about 1 hour, and I really can’t get it. It’s tough as hell IMO >:(
With cr. mp I get a hadoken too often (gotta get use to just just tapping the button) so I can’t even practice it correctly…and cr.mk is just “help me!!”.
I tried doing it visually (looking for the hit animation) and couldn’t do it.
I tried doing it by sound (listening for the smack hit sound effect)…was weird, I kept pressing the kick button even when on block. I feel silly as hell, I even closed my eyes and just listened for the sound…Karate kid style. Is this method even credible???

I really wanna try R_T_S_D’z life-bar method.

P.S. I just wanna say that this is great stuff…helps a lot just to know that there are nice peeps out there willing to help and share info :slight_smile:

Where I’m at right now there are not a lot of people that play fighting games (we don’t even have arcades for years now)…so this is almost my only source of knowledge. There are only a handful of peeps that play SF3 and there is a big tourney coming up soon…the famous Ryan-Hart is gonna be there as well, so the few players that we have gotta represent well.
Although within these few exists more hype than I have ever seen anywhere in the likes of the USA-JAP :rofl:

here is an example, enjoy:

Here is a little trick I used…

While learning hit verification in training mode, I would focus my vision on the precise location my attack would connect with the dummy. If the attack succeeded, I see what can only be described as splattered pixels overlapping the dummy’s sprite. If the attack is blocked, I see nothing but a vague circle surrounding either Ken’s fist or foot. This animation spans the entire hit/block stun; so by the moment you see this, the QCFx2 motion should already have been executed and upon verification, drum(or don’t) accordingly. When the animation is gone, so is the window. So shippu aside, this is how I also confirm my srk. You need good concentration, execution, and fast fingers. Fortunately for me, growing up with FPS’ was really beneficial to my fighting-game.:looney:

Neko_Punch, about the audio-confirm, I would suggest sticking with Karate Kid style. :rofl: It’s not silly at all, you are in-fact training your ears to listen for one of two possible sounds. Simply a block, or a grunt. I found this to be the easier of the two, obviously I’m not so cool as to close my eyes during a match, but I instinctively hear the sound every time.

One thing I would often do in training mode for both audio, and visual verification, was set a goal number(e.g. 20) for a move like low strong. Each time I correctly verified, I added 1 towards the goal number. If I messed up by either supering a block, or missing a connect, I would subtract 1 from the goal. Lengthy sessions were frustrating at the start, but I still do this on a daily basis, and now it’s just speed runs.

I know the OP was asking for execution tips, but that has already been answered very well so I thought I would throw in my $.02 for anyone having trouble learning the process. Best of luck:tup:

theres tons of tricks for that hit confirm.

  • look @ the life bar
  • watch for the yellow burst on contact
  • score changes on hit

As soon as ken is retracting his leg from c.mk its too late to cancel into sa3. I think. Knowing how long you have also helps in hit confirming. Practice your buffer. The buffer is everything. Once its subconcious, all you have to do is look for the hit and drum the kicks. Whenver you throw a c.mk\c.mp and you think they will dash or they’re in range for either of the 2 to hit, you should always buffer.

its going to be like: opponent is in range c.mk\c.mp, buffer, hit confirm.

Honestly, the best way is to play a much faster paced game. I used to play 3s hardcore and I couldn’t confirm c.mk if my life depended on it. Now that i’ve played tourney marvel for 6+ months, that c.mk is a walk in the park.

Once you play a faster game and go back, you’ll realize that its nothing. Especially marvel. That game is like 200x faster than 3s.

I have a question, what dou you mean by 360 method to buffer the 2xqcf ? what’s your input during the move ?

cmp, then do a quick rotation of the stick (360), then hit a kick.