C. mp link into SA 3?

made a bet with a friend that c. mp into SA 3 is a link but he doesn’t believe me, need confirmation thanks!

It is.

it can be both a buffer or a link. its just a matter of when you execute the SAIII. I don’t know if theres any reason to buffer a c.mp x SAIII, but its typically used as a link b/c the link’s connectability time frame allows for hit confirms.

You shouldn’t use c.mp x SAIII (buffer)
You should hit confirm c.mp > SAIII (link)
Since the buffer is pretty useless, it would be considered closer to a link.

Yeah, that’s the more advanced answer. It’s actually an important distinction; I had issues getting the cr.mp hitco down until I realized I was trying to hitco the cancel instead of the link.

So who wins the bet?

watch some daigo umehara vids, he pretty much mastered that technique

Deshiken I think is the master of low strong --> super setups.

it’s both a link and a cancel.

How can it be both a link and a cancel?

What do you mean by buffer?

Essentially the bet is that I think that the animation of c. mp cannot be cancelled into SA III and that, in order to combo c.mp into SA III, you need to wait for the animation of c.mp to finish before SA III is executed (e.g. fully inputted).

It’s super cancellable and also has enough post-hit frame advantage to link in this case a 2-frame super afterward. Same with Akuma’s close MK and various other moves. If you’re asking what people use as a hit-confirm, it’s the link. Though sometimes I’ll cancel out of haste (in other words by accident) if I see them do something like whiff throw.

In this case, buffer = cancel. like the guy before me said, you can cancel a c.mp into SA. The c.mp’s hit stun also allows you to wait and see if it connected (hit confirm), and when you hit confirm the c.mp, its a link.

If you bet that c.mp cannot be cancelled into SAIII, you lost the bet.

Lost I did :sad: I feel betrayed lol

k, some nice data:
c.MP is cancelable by special and super.
c.MP’s stats are +3 on guard, +4 on hit and +5 on crouching hit, just like standing MP

So, by a fact, you can cancel c.MP(as people said before). Now for the link, those stats I gave are after the move is over, so after c.MP is done you have +3/+4/+5. SA3 start up is 2 frames, that means that if you activate SA3 within 2 frames after c.MP is done executing it will hit. This by definition makes c.MP linkable into SA3.

ok, ‘c.mp’ does this mean close or crouch?:confused:
i’m seriously gettin confused

I think usually c. is for crouch and cl. is for close.

people mix em up, during nummeric notation c.* is considered close. I myself write © to avoid this confusion. However in the named notation used as a standard on srk c. just means crouching:P

Ken’s C.MP is not a good buffer. The recovery frames are quick enough that if you input :d: + :mp: :qcf:, :qcf:, :k: the super will usually come out, whether the .C.MP hits or not. Unlike his C.MK, which has a long enough recovery to prevent you getting the super as a link, after the move whiffs.

it is a good buffer because you should be good enough to NOT press the kick if it whiffs.

random tidbits.

c.mp xx super does more damage than c.mk xx super by 1 point. :wink:

if hit close enough, you can c.mp CANCEL fireball xx super and it will hit.

if hit close enough vs crouching few big characters, you can c.mp, LINK strong DP xx super and it will hit.

not too hard at all.

That’s a pure hit confirm, not a buffer.

The whole point of buffering is that the normal and super motion are input completely, but out of range, such that the normal may whiff and invalidate the super motion, or the normal may hit and the super will cancel automatically.

The idea is that buffers will catch dashes, or allow you to follow a simple footsie game with an automatic super, when you catch their outstretched limbs. Inputting the motion out of range makes it highly unlikely that you’ll be blocked, because your opponent would need to move forward (or stick out a far reaching attack) to be tagged by your normal.

When you buffer C.MK out of range, the input is as follows;

:d: + :mk:, :qcf:, :qcf: + :mk:

If this sequence is input n good time, you get C.MK when you whiff and C.MK xx SA3 when you hit. Just be sure to do it out of range, so that the C.MK will only hit if they stick out a poke, or move forward.

Hi, so I have read the thread but I need help hit confirming c.forward into SAIII.

(Oh, and sorry for necrobumping if the thread is old.)