c.mp xx sa3

i’m having trouble hit comfirming it. Most of the time I do it, I throw a hadouken which is a major combo reduction right after the punch. Any tips?

Try only pressing mp for the cr.mp… then after the hit confirm, do the two quarter circles fast and start drumming the kicks on the second quarter circle. It just takes practice but you’ll get it.

I never really liked the cr.mp hit confirmxxsa3 anyways.

I usually do c.MP and wait a tiny bit before I do QCF’s then drumming kicks. Otherwise, I end up canceling the c.MP and ignoring hit confirm altogether.

I used to have the same problem which is usually just negative edging. Either tap strong and remeber to let go fast like immediately afterwards, or hold it then while pressing kick(s).

practice your super buffer and quickly tap the mp like someone else said. When you hold the mp too long and you go into your buffer, you negative edge one of the qcf you need for the super and it turns into a hadoken. Also c.mp is best used as a LINK confirm.

I 360 all of my buffers. If your having problems doing qcf qcf give the 360 a try.

kenzilla is right. I have loads of trouble with the cr strong to super, especially if i’m holding crouching, such as cr. short, cr. strong > super. If you do “around the world” not only do you have alot of time to hit confirm, but it also makes it very accurate.

haha “around the world.” im going to start calling it that.

wooot i got it! thanks guys, i found the tapping the mp works very well.

I dont get how ppl can react to low forward super. It’s so fast =\

depending on who you watch those low fwds arent always hit confirms. Its just counter low fwd super. I used to think the same thing until I figured out the game a little. If you use it as a guranteed counter, its hard to fuck up.

Press MP, release it, do the super motion, hitconfirm, press the kicks. You have a pretty good amount of time to hitconfirm it really, so take it. Otherwise use standing far MP -> SA3, hard in the beginning but now I prefer it over c.MP for nummerous of reasons.

I try to hit confirm c.mk xx SAIII, but it’s not the easiest thing for me. Sometimes I’ll waste a bar and eat punishment. It’s just something you have to work on.

c.MK xx SA3 isn’t hitconfirmable, some claim they can, I say they can’t:P The trick the japanese use is determining when it will hit and trying to activate super after confirming it without linking it.

Determining when it will hit is kinda experience based but here’s the catch: if your opponent is standing without doing any moves, do c.MK, if he remains standing, queue up the super. This is because c.MK can only be blocked crouching;) Some people tend to flash guard it, so be carefull against those. If someone is jumping or doing a normal, you can’t c.MK xx SA3 him because he’ll guard at the last instance, and probably WILL guard properly or not at all where you don’t even need a low.

Then there is sort of a hitconfirm, sometimes if you hit your opponent crouching you are able to queue up the super after confirming the hit succesfully. This is because the c.MK counterhit your opponent, and you have a bigger delay before the game continues(thus allowing you to queue up the super within the then delayed cancel window).

The third option is to abuse sort of auto confirms, one of those is abusing below 1 stock that would go to 1 if hit, but remain below 1 if blocked/whiffed. The other is using c.MK out of range buffering up the super. If your c.MK is going into super your opponent then must have done something, otherwise c.MK wouldn’t have hit in the first place:P Thus he’s unable to block.

^I can do Crouching MPxxSA III, just remember to use the LP version to get the most damage from this simple combo ;). Oh and if it helps- HOLD MP when doing the SA, might help.

What do you mean with LP version?

c.mk xx SAIII is hit confirmable. It takes a little practice, but you can do it after a while. Not to say that it’s super easy to do. Try hitting d+mk then do two quarter circles. While doing the quarter circles just look and listen for a hit. I can’t say I hit confirm 100% with this technique, but it’s what I use.

If you can’t hitconfirm it 100% it ain’t a hitconfirm:P I can also get a hitratio of 80% with that combo, but I’m not hitconfirming it.

I just started playing 3rd stike and I having problems connecting mp,hp xxx super art combo . I dont know what it is about the hp but I rarely get it to connect . I have also been reading the previous posts and I keep hearing yall talk about hit confirmation . What is that ?:confused:

Basically, hit confirmation is the act of determining whether or not you can combo into something like a super. Let’s use c.mk for example. Ken throws out a c.mk and watches closely to confirm whether or not it hits. If it hits, he can combo into SAIII (hit confirming c.mk isn’t that easy, especially on the PS2, but it’s one of Ken’s better pokes into super). By making sure the c.mk hits before you activate super (hit confirming) you prevent wasting supers and eating punishment.

As for the s. mp, s. hp xx SAIII, I input the kicks right after the second hit. If you’re not doing it already, try drumming the kicks (hitting all the kicks like keyboard keys). That’ll improve your chances of activating the super.