c, n or k?

i got this game for ps2 when it first came out but didn’t start playing it till last week after i got fed up with T4.

i play as rock in c, n and k groove but i can;t decide which is better for him.

c is good 'cos he has some of the best supers in the game and the fact that you can store them means the opponent can’t leave the ground for the whole round. plus air guard and roll!

n has the roll as well as safe recovery, run plus it too can store supers although you advertise when you wanna do a level 3 due to having to use the power up first.

k has the just defend and seen as i play a defensive rock and the rage therefore increases really quickly getting at least 2 supers per round. however no roll really annoys me even though rocks is crap but i still like to roll cancel. i find it hard against another k-groove 'cos by beating him up you are giving him the ability to turn the whole match around in one move.

i just don’t know which should be my main groove 'cos i use a lot of characters that can fit into all of those grooves. rock is my main character (ratio 2)!

First, Rock’s roll really sucks (3rd slowest in the game behind Chang and Cammy IIRC) and his L2 cancels in C groove arent that good, so he shouldnt be used in C groove. His dash is good though.

I dont know N groove Rock enough to talk about him, but having run is great for Rock.

K groove Rock, I play k groove Rock, and he is great defensively (zoner) and if he’s raged, it makes the opponent more scraed to do anything or they’ll either eat a Raging storm for jumping in or a Shine knuckle for throwing out a laggy poke.

I prefer using K groove Rock, but dont make him r2, there are better choices for R2 than Rock.

I personally use C-Groove with Rock because of what you said actually. When you’re sitting on a Lv. 3, they can’t jump in, they can’t be risky, and they can’t do stupid poking (or else…DNR). You cut all their options in half. Air guard is always great, and Rock’s dash is good. Not to mention C-meter builds super fast.

You wanna store level 3 Supers, have dash, and be able to defend yourself in the air?

P groove

C-Groove, why well in n-groove i can just kick him out of a super. in c-groove you can atleast throw lvl2 supers

i don’t really play that strategically. for me and my friends it’s more about combos so i go with a-groove.


…you learned to roll-cancel in a week after giving up T4?

u can use rock in any of those grooves. the main thing with rock is not to roll. and have a stragety with rock to go along with the groove.

hey the hurricane and vpt_whatup… if you’re going to post something, answer the fucking question or at least add something useful to the conversation


personally, I would go with K, just because you can get bar quick and have low jump and run.

To me, his low jump rh is not something I would trade away to a non l. jump groove. Also, have level 3 bar makes Rock scarier to deal with, since if you can get 360 throw setup into level 3 shining knuckle…

So, k is fine, N should also be ok, but not sure if you can 360 throw and pop cancel into super or not…dont remember

As for C, I don’t have experience with rock in C at all…I know you can cancel lv2 shine knuck into lv 1 raging storm for some nice dmg. As for level 2 super cancel into regular moves…cant think of any. The good thing for Rock in C is that his hop is pretty good. Hop and 360 throw, or knockdown hop to switch sides and low hit combo, knockdown hop switch side 360 throw, or my favorite, knockdown hop to switch side then shift back into orginal position.

And of couse, in any groove, if you can get opponent into corner, you can try messing around with crazy OTKish shift and 360 throw setups…

I mean the whole thing is just based on one character…you said that you have plenty of other characters that go with these 3 grooves, I would just pick the groove in which you know your other chars will fit in the best…

i really like k-rock, he has insane numbers of mixup games

his low jump game is so good also

low jump fk shining knuckle
empty low jump c. fk, rising storm