C player here. Does anyone ever just not try when playing a B+ or A?


I’m okay. I’m just a C player. Sometimes I’ll get a B+ or A player in my matchup. I really lose motivation, especially when they’re really good and I can barely touch them. It’s worse when I see like Zangief or Hugo. Sometimes I just disconnect at the last round.


Scrubquotes is back!

You’re better off looking at PP and ignoring BP if you want to try to judge someones skill by their points.


It just pisses me off. They give me zero mercy. When I play newer players, I always give them a chance.


I didn’t realize reddit was leaking over into SRK.

In case you’re not a troll–if you lose motivation when facing players better than you, this might not be the game for you. The entire point of progression in Street Fighter is to face and eventually beat players better than you.


Higher level players are doing you a favour by not holding back, and you are not doing yourself any favours by taking it the wrong way and getting frustrated.

Here, have some facts:

  • You’ll learn more and faster from playing higher level competition which forces you to adapt and be critical of your own playing and which areas are being exploited by your opponents.
  • You don’t have anything on the line! Your points are not heavily at risk by playing higher ranks, theirs are! You should be trying to play as many games as possible with higher level players because it’s A. Better learning, B. More fun and exhilarating (when you make adaptations… provided you take it the right way)
  • You should be MORE motivated to beat higher level players than of your own level. Unleash your competitive drive!


PS. Grapplers like Zangief are frustrating at first but you need to start to see the game as characters that are merely sets of tools or constructs of specific options. No character is inherently hard to beat, it’s the player and the way they are using the tools. If you learn to use your tools in smarter ways you can out play and destroy them more often. You need to think about situationally choosing better options like keeping a grappler away and countering/baiting their grab when in close.


Scrub mentality on both sides.

They’re playing to win. You don’t rank up by handholding.

I’ve literally played matches where I’ve double perfected new players. Does it suck for them? Yes. But they either get better or give up, and eventually, if they’ve been spoonfed matches, they’ll reach a plateau where they give up anyway because their illusions of them being great at the game are shattered.

There is no shame in getting beaten badly by someone far better than you, nor is there any shame in beating someone badly that’s far worse than you. I get bodied by Infiltration every time I play him, and he doesn’t relent on the way he plays for it.

That’s the way your mentality needs to be if you mean to be serious about playing. Your current T-Ball, everyone gets a trophy, No Child Left Behind Act mentality is not going to cut it.


How’s that even remotely true?
As soon as you hit b-ranking you lose as many points every match by losing as you do for winning. On top of that people with considerably lower bp than you only net you 1bp per win while you lose a lot.
This basically means that as soon as you hit b you have to win a lot more games than you can lose in order to not lose your rank again.

PP on the other hand don’t mean dick since you can troll or experiment across all characters while still being beast with your main character(s).


Sounds like you’re at about the same ranking as I am. The difference I am seeing between us though is that I don’t like it when a higher ranked player takes it easy on me. My motivation is to learn something new from the match even if I am barely touching them or do not touch them at all. After playing the match up a few times I will start to see myself do better because I used the previous matches to discover what to do in the match up. Think of it this way, say your a martial artist (karate) just starting out, you wouldn’t expect to beat a 3rd degree black belt right away would you? You would go through the training to eventually try to become his/her equal. This game is the same thing.

Tip(s): Find someone to train with. Watch videos of your matches to see what your did wrong or need to improve on. Watch some videos of the pro-players and see what they are doing. Read through the forums here, there is lots of advice and tips on what to do and how to improve.


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Is there an easier way to disconnect from a fight other than having to quit the game?


And I disagree with fighting with an A player will improve your game. You don’t jump in the ring with a UFC champion to get better. You might get tips and advices from them, but you don’t straight up just get your ass kicked.


Yes. Please quit the game completely so you will never have to fight better players.


Go play some League of Legends!
Game is right up your alley.

  1. It’s a completely stripped down version of a better game, designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
  2. You can buy yourself ingame advantages.
  3. You never have to learn anything new or play against better players than yourself since it’s packed with retards and the best part is that when you lose, you can always blame your teammates for your shortcomings.

Now all this comes with the added advantage that you can pretend to be a competitive multiplayer gamer instead of a filthy single player casual.
Isn’t that amazing?


I want to preface this by saying points don’t really matter at all. when I play online(rarely) I don’t even look at peoples points as any kind of indicator of their ability, I do that during the match with how they play

that said

PP is a much better indicator of player ability than BP

BP just shows how much time you’ve played, which isn’t a great indicator

if a person has 14000 BP with a character but 900 PP, its pretty safe to assume they are probably awful. even if you’re fucking around with other characters, the fact that you have that many points with one and can’t maintain a high PP indicates you probably don’t have any fundamentals and are gimmick reliant

or you share your account with your little sister


You should be thankful for a player who is stronger than you who is willing to play you at his fullest potential. That is the only reason why I got to an acceptable level at so many of them old fighting games on ggpo. Every room I got too there was always at least one player who was way stronger than me who was willing to go all out on me and thus force me to adapt and learn how to focus.

For example
ST: DJ Sylenth
LB2: Asuka Langley
Garou: Spelunker and Subeteokoesimono
Jojo Bizarre adventure : cane77 for the most part. Sometimes ZAKO. Access kept me wanting to beat his S.Dio
Alpha2: randomdps years ago/Retranca recently
Alpha3: Haqq215
3s: Don’t really have one but Denjizz kept me interested in the game.
kof98 had too many short term rivals and mvc1 I just don’t remember.

I name them cause I am thankful to them and will not forget them.

I don’t feel as if I deserved to have such players ( relatively stronger than me for the most part ) help me level up, because although I like to help other players improve by giving them tips if I can, I tend to just stop playing anyone whom I can easily streak 5 games, which is very selfish. But it is because I always have this mentality that I should only play stronger players to help push my limits, forgetting that I should at least try to help the weaker players as well.

If you can only enjoy yourself when you fight people at your level or weaker players, then I feel as if fighting games is not for you.


Are people allowed to play street fighter without having to try to be the #1 player all the time? Sometimes I play just for fun.


Oh sure, everyone but just you are not allowed.


If your idea of fun is to “disconnect” during a match…I’ll make sure to avoid you.


You should be up for the idea of testing yourself against higher ranked players. Just because they have way more points than you doesn’t automatically mean they’ll win. You’re denying yourself the chance to get better by *mentally *quitting at the VS screen, or trying to find ways to disconnect. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, no one is perfect. Those B+ and A players have bad nights just like anyone else. Don’t even look at the points; focus more on how they play instead. If you lose, you lose. Not a big deal.

Also, I find it odd how some people make it seem like playing competitively somehow negates the fun factor, and that’s really not true at all. Well, at least for me it isn’t. You don’t have to be #1, just enjoy playing Street Fighter and make steps towards becoming the best player **you **can possibly be. Have fun and don’t take online so seriously.