C ranking and basic Gief critique


Hello SRK.
I’ve been going through the motions, learning each character to see how they all handle, gradullay grinding my way to the C to Shining C achievement as a checkpoint. I have slowly learned interesting strategies and methods of doing moves. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten the following to C rank with few problems:

El Fuerte (hee current fave)
T. Hawk
Hakan (also great fun)

I am now on Gief and doing BADLY but not in a “stupid mistake” sort of way. I’m still happy with my few wins and losses, and barring one lag-victory I want to undo, not having much trouble-

EXCEPT I am nearly helpless as a defensive character like Gief. I struggle to get a life lead, and when I do, my opponents pick me apart before I can get anything going. Every reliable method I’ve learned has fallen apart in numerous matches, and I tend to jump the gun (I admit I went for too many grapples out of frustration.) How do I chip away at defensive characters with a defensive character? And can anyone suggest good players to try and C rank next? I admit I tend to go for the more unusual characters as a challenge.


Gief doesn’t win by command grabbing people. He wins by walking forwards, outpoking them, anti-airing them, and then command grabbing them if they stay put.

Gief is all about avoiding fireballs and getting close. Lariat and EX Green Hand get you through fireballs. Jumping and focusing are situationally useful.

Your best poke is s.mp. Just throw it out if you’re kinda close.

Learn his combos. Easy one is cr.lp cr.lp s.mp s.lk xx EX Green Hand.


Gief matches last around the whole timer if both opponents are good.

my only tip is don’t fall for desperation. remember.
YOU have more health
YOU have the s*** scary character
YOU have the more damaging character
YOU can win in ten seconds

if your down on health, stand your ground, keep using his INSANELY op, moves, standing MP, etc. if you keep pushing your opponent towards the corner, bam, hes going to s*** his pants and hes going to crack, all you have to do is wait, then SPD HIS ASS.