C-Sagat vs C-Blanka; Who Wins?


i’m surprisingly inexperienced in this matchup, and considering i’m putting C-blanka and C-sagat on my team now, i’d like to have insight on both sides. what should C-sagat do against C-blanka and vice versa. and who generally wins, or is it pretty even?



In my experience Sagat wins. Blanka is of course a great competitor but with Sagat’s c.fierce, s.lk and lvl2 cancels that are so easy to connect off almost anything plus all the other overwhelming advantages, he’s just too hard for so many characters to take down. If it was K grove though I’d go with Blanka ;).


I think C-Blanka wins, but if Sagat has meter it’s another story.


Ur not kidding. He has some of the nastiest lv.2 cancels in the game. No Joke. (Along w/ Chun). I’ve never played an effective blanka though I’m anxious to, seeing as how he’s one of the most commonly played char. (along w/ Sagat :stuck_out_tongue: . . . duh . . . )


i hate c-sagat… to play with him i mean… i mean he has no other ways to get in the jump… his dash sucks cock but he has one advantage… airblock blanka ball… blanka will then prolly use RC elec or slide or just c.fierce… or did c.fierce get outprioritzed by sagat j.hk???

anyway… its in blankas pocket ggpo


Sagat has a really good dash. You can j.HK dash and throw consistantly and there’s not much you can do about that. Aside from that I’d say Sagat beats Blanka in this matchup; better pokes, better lvl2 cancels, etc.


blanka. turtle rc blanka is a tough match for sagat. rc electricity and ball rapes his pokes. and who can forget crouching fp, slide, sweep, and crouching mk? all nasty.


Are these RCs completely psychic, or on reaction to 4 frame startup pokes? I mean, by that logic you could throw a Sagat RC Tiger Crush in there on the other side of the argument. If Sagat is whiffing his long, slow pokes, then yes, his ass is grass.

It doesn’t look like there’s a clear winner here. Prolly would be whoever screws up first.


@ Doom -
Sagat can’t get in? HA! He has some of the best pokes in the game! Not to say Blanka is better or worse, but if you think j.hk is the only thing Sagat can do, you got another thing coming ;).


In C Groove Sagat can more than get inside. Usually that matchup comes down to who the best player is.


Sagat all the way.He has a lot of level 2 cancels,hes Crazy with counter attacks,oh hes just crazy. I think Blanka would put up a better fight with A or K Grooves.


well matchup can go both ways. if blanka hops and doesnt have his charge id go for the grab with sagit. hop super is risky both ways. as long as sagit throws blanka out of his rc elect he should win.


Hop, super is for scrubs who like wasting their meter.

Stick out s.LPs with Sagat when Blanka command hops forward on you for a free combo. Tiger Cannon super when Blanka hops back. Play like you usually would if Blanka’s knocked you down and goes for hop, super (ie. just block).

If Blanka does hop BEHIND super on you, then walk away from the machine and clap your hands. That Blanka deserves props…


Sagats dash is actually really good… air block blanka ball? Why bother…

True RC elec is strong and in certain situations basically unpunishable, but that’s only in certain situations, you cant rely on RC elec and c.fierce to win the match against a player of equal skill… there has to be something else in there…

Id say this matchup goes to who lands their supers first… as IMO they both have equal opportunity to do so…


i know his dash is good… but i just hate a sagat with no run and especially when he doesnt have a jow jump… dunno i never can get in with him… so meh =/ sorry if i gave a bit not-giving-correct-info there…

edit: i like dashed who can crossup better as well… like eagles or vegas (claw)


rc hop through c. fp = win


nah, blanka can’t whore rc hop against that, if he does it too late (as gat’s retracting his arm) sagat can recover in time to throw you during the hop’s recovery frames.


interesting bit of sagat vs. blanka:

there’s a way to do a crossup lk with sagat and then land on the side you started on vs. blanka. I did it a couple times today. Had to be perfect. Prolly not reproducible since Sagat’s jump is so bad, but it looked cool.


to seerd: rc electricity is practically free imo. without a grab super, it’s really tough. i’m not saying sagat can’t win, i just think it’s pretty difficult for sagat to punish when used properly. and i’m not saying blanka players will do it on reaction to a sagat attack all the time, but it does happen. and worse yet, blanka players around here tend to leave holes in their attacks specifically to set up a rc elec. bottom line, it works. maybe not always, but enough.

maybe there are some players here who use both characters (rare as that may be) who can give deeper insight to the match up. i think a good question to pose is which character they use as a r2. it says a lot about which character they feel is most effective. btw, i play sagat as my r2 but i still feel blanka beats him. contradiction to the max. :lol:


Would be interesting to see the frame data on the single pulse electricity vs. blanka’s roll. It does have some recovery. Sagat has nice long legs. C-groove has alpha counters, too. I’m beginning to see more and more reasons to play Maki/Rolento as well.

There’s just so many ways for Sagat to c.lk/c.mk xx DEATH in C-groove. Makes me wish I had learned better execution before now.

Edit: so what I’m sayin is, rc elec is overrated. A solid ground/poke game is what is going to win it for blanka.