C.short c.short c.Jab uppercut vs c.jab c.jab c.strong uppercut?



I see Ryan use c.strong a lot but most of them mix it up, is there a certain reason or does it wiff on some of the cast or something?


I ment c.short c.short c.strong, damn phone won’t let me edit.


The cr.strong is very space dependent


Yea that’s what I was thinking actually.


Cr. Strong also a harder link


What the guys said. Also crouching strong has more damage but further pushback so you might not be able to link your TU on some of the smaller cast members. you might try starting your poke with a crouching strong and then linking crouching jab into TU if you are looking to use crouching strong in a combo.


yea crouching strong linked into crouching jab is a nice lil frame trap too,cr short,cr mp linked to cr jabxxhp tu is nice too a lil tight but good damage.