C.short XX S.flash ? what you think?

this alex player hardly poking with far forward …

so what’s up with this alex’s randomness …??


Maybe with the c.short -> s.flash, he’s trying to make his opponent think he’s going for a tick throw? Not really sure.

That was pretty impressive, all the right moves at the right time. Its hard to keep heavy pressure on Dudley with Alex, that mid-air parry to a slash then grab was perfect.

finally an alex player that gets that alex is as much of a stun character as much as a grappler. learn to use b+hp people.

  1. this vid is from what tournament? or is it casual play (i doubt it)?
  2. yeah, like lake earth said the c.short,s.flash chop is a tick fake (c.short,lp powabomb)
  3. zangoef is a smart player, “randomness” prevents parry into death combos, besides the flash chops there beats a lot of dudleys pokes.

Yeah, Alex is a character that heavily relies on mix ups to win matches. The more mix ups you know, the better. He doesn’t have any low attack to really fear damage from so you gotta mix shit up to win.

KSK does that a lot too. It’s like a tick-Flash, since it doesn’t combo.

not to forgot that KSK VS DAIGO in EV2K2 , the video was as great as a Tutorial Video .

about the clip , i got those in Video-opera latest update regarding 3s matchvids , is a RanBat anyway .

That alex player lose to AKUMA later !

KSK Made that to me at evo
yeah we played in the pools
that mix up works 90 porcent of the time

he was killing RF with that
but damm chunlis SA2 :sad:

alex get cornered by Yun is 100% HOPELESS .