C.Taunt reversal?

So I was playing endless battle with Dan and kept c.taunting and it canceled Guy’s run. It seems to have the same attributes as Dudley’s rose. What I like to do is focus attack crumple and c.taunt for fun which resets them. So is this new or was it already in vanillasf4? And could there be mixup possibilities with this or is it just too slow?

^^^ Yeah thats new. C.Taunt and Air Taunt hit, but don’t do damage. However, they do chip damage :rofl:

EDIT: As of now, I know no real uses for c.taunt. However, I REALLY wanna get a chip death with it :smiley:

Really ? Chip damage on C.taunt ?

Meaning 0 dmg on hit but “x” on block ?

I was messing with a really bad Akuma the day I got the game, used the c.Taunt several times when I could have punished, and was using the air taunt as a jump in.

Is the cr.Taunt safe on hit?

I posted in one of the other threads about this yesterday. I went to crouch taunt somebody in a match yesterday (i THINK it was vs Guy), and he tried a jumpin or one of his running attacks, and I cancelled what SHOULD have hit me with the taunt.

Someone should do some tests to check the hurtbox/hitbox. Dan’s vulnerable hurtbox might do something ridiculous like recede substantially behind the hitbox when he does crouching taunt, which would explain the reduced trades…

If you want to do some testing, hit the training room and set up different characters to try a variety of aerials and pokes (Dhalsim’s s.FP, Blanka Balls, Ibuki’s Air Kunai, Ryu’s j.FP, Rufus’ Falcon Kick), then just try to stuff the attacks. You should get a feel for what the hitboxes are like.

The morale damage of this could possibly be top-tier.

It’s called taunterrupting. :slight_smile:

What’s the recovery frames like for crouching taunt anyway? You can do KRK->FADC->Cr. Taunt reset but it’s not fast enough to do anything with it afterwards and usually results in getting punished. lol

Horrible, you’re asking for trouble if you try to use it as an attack :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose it would be too much to ask for an instant recovery after a jump-in taunt ?

Tick throw maybe ?

honestly, its just plain worth it to be able to fadc taunt.

the reset IS kinda useful in a silly way. or at least it could be if dan didn’t lick balls. Still, mindgames are mindgames.

i’m quite pissed i can’t find a way to connect air taunts at the end of combos or anything :frowning:


not exactly scientific, but I recorded abel and some shoto’s jumping in with lk or lp, and i COULD counter it with taunts if timed well. Hitbox looks like its from his fists (and a bit above) and the area from the right of his elbow along the arm. Seems like you have to kinda get under them for it to work, so possibly only works well on ambiguous jumpins…dunno, if i get the time, i will tinker with it some more at a later time, but i definitely feel it has SOME use (like I said, it worked for me earlier during a ranked game, stuffing a special move…so :P)


Need to test it but I think it beats Cammy’s dive kick pretty cleanly.

The real question is can we cancel the legendary taunt into the crouching taunt and have it count as a combo?

While I know this is a thread for the crouching taunt, I feel obliged to mention that I discovered tonight that the air taunt beats the Lariat.

This isn’t particularly practical or useful, but it’s a lot of fun. :wink:

Can only cancel Legendary Taunt into Ultra (either works), sadly you can’t even FADC out of a crouching taunt on hit :frowning:

How much chip damage does it do?

Nothing, does no damage whatsoever.

playing online i made: jump + taunt hit and haoh gadoken when landing

oh yeah!