C to Shining C Character Help!


What’s up guys, i know i’m about 2 years behind here but i’ve decided to do the C to Shining C achievement.
I thought it might be cool if people could contribute a core skill set for each character like anti-airs, go-to normals, and optimal punishes.
I’m hoping you won’t be too quick to call me lazy and tell me to check the relevant sub-boards, it could be easier to just have one consolidated post with a really basic set of core skills for each character. Then perhaps if there’s anybody else left who hasn’t done this achievement they too could check here instead of visiting each individual character sub-forum.
Obviously if it’s unanimous that i am in fact just lazy then feel free to let me know :wink:


why would you do that?
its boring
time consuming
and most important you learn nothing


just find your anti-airs


I’m not gonna be quick, but I’m afraid I am going to drop the “l” word. All of the relevant core info is being shared in the sub-boards. You don’t even have to read everything there.

…and it does give you an excuse to learn the rest of the cast. You do nothing but benefit from personally experiencing what all the characters play like and can/can not do. Knowledge is power…or something like that.