C.viper Arcade / DLC changes SSF4



ok I haven’t seen any buff or nerfs leaked yet for viper in the new arcade edition of ssf4…if you know any please post it here, also im curious what you guys think should happen with viper… Should she get buffed ,nerfed or just left alone?


If there were any you would have heard already.

They should make Viper’s normals a little bit better still and give her something to fight Honda (or just make tone Honda down like they’re already gonna do). Other than that Viper is ok. There’s just some new dumb things that kill her that need to get toned down like Rufus’ U2 which makes that match impossible for her to fight (and it was already hard). She doesn’t win matches so she has to work on getting good reads to win and generally for the most part she has to tools to do that. I wish they would put her back throw back to normal okizeme range but I doubt they’re gonna do that either.


i dont think viper is bad its just a lot of the other characters are overpowered like honda, bison and abel


I’d rather they buff Viper then just nerf other characters. Removing options for other characters just makes the game more limited and boring and the game is already limited as is. If we just buff up the weaker characters it would make for a more interesting game.

I want the old frame advantage off of TK’s and c.forward to have proper hit boxes for one insane 7f poke (lol). I can live with everything else with Viper.


I want something weird… like maybe her close standing mk causes free juggle state like ryus jumping mp or juri’s jumping mp. So if someone is in range to be hit with it you can get an ultra.

I just feel like Vipers strength is her many ways to get an ultra, why not build on that to boost her up a bit? More free juggle states!!!


I think Viper’s throws are both excellent since you can get a safe jump off of either of them. I think her cr mk needs a proper hitbox, and mp tk should go a tiny bit further forward because it’ll randomly whiff after cr mk even if the opponent is standing. The old frame advantage would be nice, either bring that back or improve her normals. Having both would be a little too much.


Oh and Ill be trying to give you guys any viper changes in December if info out of japan comes too slowly. Game Galaxy (Nashville, TN) will be getting it and I go there pretty regularly, so yeah.


I think Viper is pretty much balanced as she is, but some changes would be nice.
Personally, I’d like her old BK back and slightly buff her backdash.


I think viper should get her old burning kick frametrap back ,also something to make the honda,bison,rufus,balrog…etc matchup a little bit easier.


Nerf the new U2s: Abel (not cancellable and 1 per round), Rufus (1 per round, less damage), Rose (no invincibility).

Take Honda and Bison out of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


They are nerfing Rose invincibility on U2 and the damage on Rufus U2.
1 Ultra per round is a stupid idea and defeats the purpose of the Ultra system in general. Viper also has the most tools to avoid Abel’s U2 in general so you shouldn’t be getting caught by it at all. Good Abel players should be using U1 in that match up.


How? It’s supposed to be a comeback mechanic. How many times do you need to comeback in one round?

As for Abel U2, I was complaining about it being an escape tool (just like Rose). That’s why I didn’t say damage should be nerfed. He basically gets two get out of jail free cards per round with the added benefit of huge potential damage.


Making it uncancellable is actually a pretty good idea, and I also think the current damage is too high for a move that gets no scaling whatsoever outside of a FA.

But Breathless is nowhere near completely free, specially against Viper, there would be no point in making it 1 per round if you made it uncancellable.


Random/punish/reaction/standalone ultra’s are more suitable for punishment, but ultra after combos is no different than ending a combo with a Super in my book…

In any case I’d like the BK frametrap back as well as proper hitbox on C.MK (i mean it’s weird that a max range C.MK hits her opponents with her shin instead of with her foot) Perhaps a better arc on her HJC BK as well.

Just don’t touch her stun. Seriously.


Viper is fun to play. That’s about it.

She is going to lose like a bitch to all her bad matches. Some of them might as well be listed as 9-1 since Viper is so ridiculously easy to shut down.

No use in hoping for any kind of buffs. We will never get that damn c.mk hitbox we’ve wanted since day one.

I really wish they would do something with EX TK though.


I will agree that the Ultra system in general is stupid. What I was referring to was limiting certain Ultras to 1 per round because you have personal gripes about it. It just devalues your opinion. Rather then limiting the Ultra and reworking game mechanics that’s not going to happen for obvious reasons the Ultra needs to be balanced out. Rufus U2 Ultra Damage wasn’t the major issue in this match up. It’s the sheer fact that it shuts down so many options at once and with the way the Ultra system works it becomes an increasingly difficult match up.

Abel’s U2 is far from being a GTFO of me move. Depending on the situation and how you avoid the Ultra, Viper can punish Abel on the recovery. As Juicebox Abel said, U2 is only good for specific match ups like Honda and that in general you’re not going to land it on a competent player.


I’m asking you why you think 1 Ultra per round defeats the idea of the system. Everyone has their own opinion(s) on what makes the game/their character suck if that’s what you mean by “gripe”. I’ve already outlined my opinions in the patch thread (revenge meter should scale harder after using it, kinda like stun). Rufus gets to land 2 big damage Ultras per round for basically doing nothing but waiting. Rose and Abel get two free escapes with the potential of doing big damage. That’s a terrible design decision when you consider that we’re talking about a comeback mechanic that basically shuts down offense. If you want to call that a personal gripe even though many people echo this sentiment, fine.

Fair enough, Abel’s U2 isn’t OP. I just thought I’d throw it in there because it’s similar enough to Rufus and Rose U2’s which do happen to cause problems for Viper.

At the end of the day, I just happen to think that Viper isn’t very powerful in this game because low health characters get screwed by the randomness. I don’t really have any major “gripes” with her current design.


Well to be fair, you made it sound character specific in your original post, as if only Abel and Rufus should get 1 per round.

Either way, thinking that the ultra mechanic is going to change is just silly in the first place. It’s a key mechanic that works fine and adds to the depth of the mind games going on in a round.

I’d complain about the entirety of Zangief before I would give two shits about these ultras. Zangief is a walking escape card and everything he does causes massive problems for Viper.

Well you should. She is a truly terrible character in a truly terrible game. We are all masochists for continuing to play her.


we will hopefully find out some changes to C.Viper on The 26th October: Dev team considering release date changes for SSF4’s alts. : News : EventHubs.com

I hope the changes are good changes. Old burn kicks would make me smile. We’ve all hoped for so long that her Cr.Mk would get the hitbox it looks like it should have but, I’ve given up on hoping for that. Hp.TK getting Throw invincibility would be great too. I hate getting thrown outta that. Lol


I wouldn’t get your hopes up tbh.