C. Viper feint knuckle


guys i know this is a newb question but how in god name do you do this? really appreciate help on this… but its odd how i hear people struggling with this during combos and of what use is this for? p.s. its needed in 1 of her trials?:wonder:


after executing a thunderknuckle, immediately input 2 punches, the faster the better, but don’t do it so fast that you lose control and throw out an EX thunderknuckle; there’s no easier way to do it, sorry


You primarily use feint knuckle for here fierce-feint-fierce (FFF) combo. Do a fierce punch, cancel into thunder knuckle, cancel the knuckle either using negative edge or pressing two or more punch buttons again, and do another fierce punch.

The timing for doing feint cancels if slightly different if you do it in a combo.


When I was first learning, I found the easiest way to do Fierce-Feint-Fierce, EX Seismo was:
df + HP or PPP (Your first crouching fierce.)
QCB + HP (Fierce Thunder Knuckle cancels the fastest)
df + PPP (This will cancel the TK)
db + PPP (Your second crouching fierce.)
df + PPP (EX Seismic Hammer. The last three direction inputs forms a dragon punch motion.)

The distance in time between each of the above is equal. Practice it with the sound off if it helps you get the rhythm. If you’ve ever played a music game before (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution).

If you use this method, your left hand should go:
df, b, df, db, df

your right hand should go:

If you’re playing on pad, and you have a button mapped to PPP, that works too.
I hope all of this makes sense.


:qcb: + :lp: ~ :lp: :mp:

You press the 2 immediately after completing the Thunder Knuckle input. LP thunder knuckles are way easier to do than HP ones but, once you start getting a feel for the timing you’ll start to understand how fast you have to do it and when you have to do it.

Read the viper forums. There should be whole threads about it.


Other than the FFF combos, it’s used to gain frame advantage for mixups. For example, if you do c. Short -> TK feint, you’re positive on block and can do something like walk forward and do another c. Short, you could overhead, throw out a seismo, crossup burning kick, etc.

It helps you mixup, basically.


u guys r AMAZING.


You can also do it through negative edging. Negative edging is where you press and hold the button down and then input the motion then release the button. The game will register the button input even though all you did was release the button. I’m not going to go into too much detail about negative edging but the method to do FFF through this is as follows:
d+HP (press hold HP)
qcb+release HP (HP Thunder Knuckle will come out)
df+tap HP+MP twice (the first time to get the feint, the 2nd time to get HP)
df+HP+MP (EX Seismo)

Timing wise you want to put a slight delay on the HP+MP to get the feint to occur in this combo. When you are thunder knuckle feinting from standing or crouching LK or crouching MP you do it as fast as possible. When you thunder knuckle feint from crouching MK you add a bit of delay.

Thunder Knuckle Feinting off of her normals is basically part of her mind games and mix ups. As someone mentioned before you recover quicker off of a normal after doing a thunder knuckle feint so it allows you to follow up with other things afterwards. The typical mix up involves the overhead, EX Seismo, throw, or a cross up burning kick. The more advance tactics is use it to counter hit hit your opponent into a bigger damaging combo that leaves you in a positional advantage.