C.Viper Hard Trial 3

If there is a thread on this already I apologize.

What is the correct method to doing this move? I can’t do it and it’s beyond frustrating.

I created an account here just to ask this. Can anyone help me? if so thanx.

Well, her hard trail #3 is a doozy. Its 10 kilometers of rough stump and root ridden terrain so make sure your bike can handle it. Its really easy to go endo and bail (it happened to me just last week on this trail), so just make sure your helmet is secured tight. Some kids spray painted over the markers so youll have to look closely at the signs to know for sure which way to go. This kind of slows you down (bummer i know) but if you want to stay on the hard trail its the only way.

Oh you meant TRIAL.

Navigate through 10 pages, reading jibberish? oh ya thanx for your “help”

You are welcome. GET OUT.

WOW. You’re getting nowhere really quickly.

:rofl: Gimme a break.

“I created an account to ask this question… and I didn’t get a response in 45 minutes… so what the hell is wrong with you people???”

Gimme a break.

“You respond to make a joke at my spelling error… then you actually point me to the information I need to know… but you expect me to actually read through things to figure this out? You’re not gonna just do it for me? What the hell is wrong with you people???”

Seriously. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

I hope you have better luck next time you ask a question that already has an answer.

I was referring to the one person who “helped” me. Read the bolded.

And I’m referring to the fact that you posted in your thread before anyone responded… as if that would help your case… you didn’t even wait a full hour before double posting in your thread with a pitiful cry for help.

My post stands.

I like how when there is someone quit to judge, such as yourself there is an immediate response. Do you see the humor in this?

On the other hand you’ve got a question…

I see humor in your lack of skill with the English language. Your sentences are broken.

I’m guessing it’s past your bedtime, and the sleepiness is what’s causing you to post stupidly.

Also… to shut you up… here’s a [media=youtube]3HrSN7176XI[/media] on how to pull of C. Viper’s hard trial number 3

I’ve seen the video tutorial. A move like this you can’t just “see” it and be like oh ok. I know what I need to do, but how do I do it, there is some sort of way to do it that I’m missing.

Understand what I mean?

This trial has been discussed multiple times in the Trial mode thread. If you wish not to read through it at least put your question in the trial thread instead of creating a new one. People are far less annoyed by a lazy post than a lazy thread, this thread is clutter.

Also openly admitting you lack the motivation to look through a thread that has discussed this issue not just once but multiple times in depth shows your lack of motivation to get better. This forum isn’t for quick tips on how to get achievements, it’s for people who want to actually put the effort into getting better as a player, go to gamefaqs if your desire to improve is this weak.

I read your first paragraph. Fine no one help, me it’s ok. I don’t wanna argue, no big deal.

We have another candidate for worst 2009 member. :rofl:

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I find it very reassuring that this post was a constructive, yet humorous response. The internet is full of dangerous obstacles. To find someone who not only helps a new member out in such a fashion, when they could have insulted them instead, is proof positive that there is hope for creativity and originality yet in this wild new frontier known as the net. Good post, my friend.

too many 12 year olds on this forum.

I’m 25, thanx for the bump(not really)