C.viper in Streetfighter vs Tekken?

I was just wondering if anyone found out any info if c.viper(or a list of street fighter characters) that will be in Street fighter vs Tekken i seen a pic of able fighting king (dont know if its fake or not) - http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-…_3508657_n.jpg
but just wondering. any info would be GREATLY appreciated

damn the link wont let me access it . well it was basically a pic of King fighting Able.

That pic is fake, nothing is confirmed other than ryu, chun, kazuya and Nina. That answers your questions, this thread is now useless.

good shit thats all i needed to know.thanks bro

I wanna post in a useless thread.

Official Boxart Leak

She actually sounds like a fun character to play in that game, Rufus too!