C.Viper: Move Properties (the basic elements)

I was thinking about move properties because I realized that I would have a greater capacity to pull of certain combos if I just knew how certain moves acted and reacted earlier.

I was hoping the community could share and list off some properties that would help combo building or just more accuracy when practicing combos.

Seismo Super Jump Cancel (sjc.) : I believe this is one of the problems a great deal of us have had, I had noticed that sjc’s have a strict timing.

To time the dash correctly, during a seismo you must press down during the start animation of the seismo. It is extremely important that the timing at this point is correct. To get a super jump cleanly out you must time the up motion at the exact instant if not a split second after the recovery of the seismo ends (this may require you to stagger your timing).

Super Jump properties: When performing attacks during a super jump or during a “follow” jump (after a launch you can follow an opponent with an automatic super jump) The hit-stun for attacks done in super jump is significantly larger than a normal jump. this is the importance of super jumping. (This may be common knowledge but I didn’t know it so I thought I would share)

Dash Cancels: When trying to dash cancel super jumps I’ve noticed that **queuing up a directional input may actually decrease the time in which the dash may come out therefore inputting a directional input allows your dash to come out more quickly during the beginning of a super jump ** (correct me if I’m wrong). This may in fact help you follow up your combos if you are looking to make your combo’s more consistent.

Air S (j.S): j.S has a specific property that, on hit it knocks a character down at an extraordinary rate (mind you that I’m not talking about the knock down after a launcher). This is particularly important when doing combos or initiates involving characters like Amaterasu or Ironman who have lockdown assists. (see marlinpie videos for details about how to extend combo with amaterasu assist)