C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

As the title explains. Viper players, this is on you. Kunai, True_Tech, DevilJin01, etc, field it up!

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Thank god. Will keep the thread from turning into a mini GameFAQs.

Ya’ll know I answer questions whenever I have free time so shoot away nubs.

Excellent; hopefully this will cut back the countless amounts of silly threads being made here just to ask simple questions.

@KADIA: Strings to keep pressure if I have it, I use c.lk,s.lk,c.mp, mp tk. If c.lk and s.lk are blocked I just go for the throw after the s.lk.

I also use c.mp, mp tk a lot and feint the mp tk if they block the c.mp and go for throw, overhead (:r::mp:), or jump in.

However, if they mash on DP 24/7 some of that isn’t exactly going to work. :expressionless:

Type C.Viper in YouTube and watch what they do. Particularly look for players like FZ, Dashio, Kindevu, Joe or Kaqn. Use MP Knuckle cancels during your normals to keep the opponent locked down. Like c.MK, MP Knuckle cancel, c.MK, to Ex seismo or sjc burn kick or whatever.

If you hit the opponent with focus attack the best combo you can do is double fierce to EX seismo to sjc burn kick. c.HP or close s.HP, HP Knuckle cancel, c.HP, EX seismo, sjc burn kick. If you have an Ultra you can tack on one at the end as well against most characters.

thanks for that, ive looked at videos and it seems people like to Turtle (seismo cancel shinanigans) i tend to be much more agressive.

Oh one more thing, after a cross over BK(on block) is c.MP priority? ive seen it used several times, id hate to make it a habbit just because they dont punish it…

Hey, im new to Shoryuken, and im trying to get my C. Viper skills up. I just have a question to all the more experiences Viper vets. When I play against my friends or online, I have a serious problem with things to do after i score a knock down. I watched some vids, and i see alot of j HK or Flame Kicks, and i’ve tried the same, but i always catch the bad end of a cannon spike or shroyuken, etc. I get hit with alot of wake up attacks, especially online, What should I do about all this?

its a matter of timing and spacing, and its also a matter of training them. if they like to keep doing uppers on wake up do an empty jump or a cross up j.rh to train them to stop that shit. the way i do the j.rh i time it so it lands on their hand right as they stand up so my knee is already in their head. so far its worked out against everyone i’ve played.

for flamekicks you gotta learn the right distance/kick so you hit their upper and not the other way around. dash sj short flamekick works well after a forward throw.

i’m sure i missed something so where the rest of you guys at?

You -need- to do the flame kicks with a Super Jump. It will either crossup or trade with shoryukens/cannon spikes. But you should conserve it, and only do it when you’re on the attack (with block strings) The normal flame kick (off the ground) sucks and only do it (the low kick version is the fastest) when you’re about to get grabbed. (Bait a grab with a TK feint, dashes, or any other stuff) In the corner it’s profit.

About wake-up attacks… if you’re jumping in with HK against an opponent who’s waking up, make sure it’s a meaty (right jump timing AND right HK timing) It should beat most stuff cleanly or not it will trade. (except EX moves)

sorry for that i should rephrase. although i know c.mp does not connect after a bk crossover(on block and assuming its meaty.) can anoyone confirm that its safe. or does anyone know something more effective in that situation? (trying to apply as much pressure as possible).

beating shoryu’s with flame kicks depend on not only spacing but height at well. for instance, sagat shoryu loses to bk at the apex of her jump (apex being at the peak of a jump). this in particular is best during a back throw when you think they’ll shoryu. i’ve tried so many different timings to stop it but i’ve come up short losing hp every time so i use this method to beat it and of course like mentioned, to train them to stop so i can get back to the ambiguous stuff.

will edit later with more…

kaida: it all depends on the version of the bk you use. so a brief rundown on all of the bk’s

LK ver = +8 on block
MK ver = +6 on block
HK ver = +4 on block
EX ver = +2 on block

so from here you can determine what to follow up with. cr. mp is just another option which when mixed up is pretty crazy.

Another option for Viper on wake is when your opponent tries to get chip damage with a fireball from mid range. If you time an EX burning kick it will go right through the projectile. It even beats Ryu’s Ultra clean.

When I get trapped in the corner and I’m desperate to get out I just through that move out there. It whiffs ducking opponents and puts them in the corner.

Thanks for the advice, ill put it into action.
Another thing i have a problem with, going from a m. TK to Super.
Is there some trick to getting this right? or am I just not fast enough.
I dont have a stick yet either, and i suppose that doesnt help much lol

When you do the quarter circle back for the TK IMMEDIATELY start doing the first quarter circle forward for the super. I’ve found if there’s any delay my inputs are too slow and it won’t come out.

I’ve found MP Knuckle to super works most consistently when I hit motion for the super slowly and hit the punch button for the super just at the point where the MP knuckle hits the opponent. So just do the motion slowly as the MP Knuckle is coming out but hit the punch button at the exact point that the MP knuckle connects. If you hit the punch button any later the super won’t come out.

Discovered this while failing the trial normally. Has anyone ever landed EX hammer to super jump to lk (in air) to lk flame kick? (except for the mid-air lk, everything else is in normal trial 4 challenge 2 or 3) Having watched that vid where the guy is adding in a bunch of moves in the hardest trials I’m thinking it should hit because Dan really cant block mid-air and the flame kick goes out when both are in the air but it whiffs completely. Or would this just make SF broken in a few places since a few other shoto characters could possibly do the same? Its fine if the lk will never work, since once you land that EX hammer I see that you’re pretty much guaranteed that combo/damage; I’m not against getting extra damage in though!:wgrin:

no it doesn’t work j.lk is a reset you can’t hit them in the air after that cause they already recover.

wich options does viper hafe one Wakeup (enemy) and how to execute them so faar im using
-Crouching Long into MK Knuckle

How to prform CrossoverBurningkicks? are there any normal crossovers? would realy realy love to get this question answerd is there a easy way to crosover with burningkick except of deepjumpin HK+Burningkick? instant crossover as excample?

LOL. You got like 9 questions. That ain’t gonna be quick to answer. You need to read the threads first and see if you can answer any yourself before someone has to answer 9 questions. This isn’t the give me a rundown of how Viper works cuz I don’t wanna read thread. 1 or 2 specific questions at most would be best.

Honestly you should, I dunno, read some of the other threads, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

You can do a lot of stuff on their wake up, the ones you listed, cross up burn kick, etc. Meaties don’t seem to be as effective in SF4 since reversals are so easy and a lot of characters have options for low risk reversals with meter, but you can still use them.

Only the aerial burn kick can cross up, and you can do it from a normal jump or a super jump, you’ve just got to place it so that it hits the back of their head. There’s no one way to do it, you can tiger knee it, just jump and do it, sj tiger knee, etc.

For poking Viper has decent normals but they’re somewhat slow. She has the link strings like c.lk, s.lk, c.mp, those and the feints play into the pressure game. Ex seismo is also pretty alright to toss out, to catch backdashes & counter pokes due to the invincibility. Just watch some match videos to see.

Block wake up reversals. I don’t know why you’d do anything else if you’re that sure someone will reversal DP. Block & punish with c.hp -> Ex seismo, or of course fierce, feint, fierce to seismo if you’re comfortable enough. Without meter She can s.hp, c.mp, tk or fierce, feint fierce, tk. Cross up burn kick can also stuff some reversals if you hit the back side of them just right.