C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

Yeah, i personally do manual input, and i use mk bk as it does go slightly less forward. I kinda wish i started using tk bk’s sooner though, as they are faster.

Spent some time in the training room trying to get the tk bks down. I’m having around 10% success rate so far.

Most of the time I end up having either a vertical sj->bk, or horizontal sj -> nothing. And out of 20 tries, maybe 1 of them would be a successful cross up tk bk.

I’ll keep on trying, but this is seriously so difficult lol. I can’t seem to get my stick to the uf position without hitting the “u” position.

edit : I read some tips, that people actually perform a sort of 360 motion? Eg: player facing right (2,1,4,7,8,9), I tried this too, but I either jump back or jump up. Is it because I’m doing it too slow? lol

if you are jumping back or up forward you are inputting it too slow. another tip i can give you is if you do use the 360 motion you should try to delay the input of the kick a little and if you double tap the kick it makes it a lot more consistent.

Yeah I actually triple tap/mash sometimes when I feel pressured just to make sure it comes out lol.
Isn’t the tk motion & 360 motion the same thing?, one just starts from Forward. I use the 360 motion as it feels more fluid and for the speed of the input just act as if your doing Gief’s SPD or pick Gief’ and practice raw grounded SPD’s.

I’m used to doing the shortcut for spd (270 degree motion) when I play Seth. Lol. Guess I must really do it much faster. I had a slightly better success rate in training mode yesterday. Tried so much that my RH button became slightly loose (I’m using screw-in Seimetsu) lawl. Will continue doing it in practice mode after work today.

You can do the 270 motion just go to UF instead of UB so F,DF,D,DB,B,UF. If you can do Seths SPD you can do Vipers instant BK.

270 motion, but UF instead of UB?

Based on what you wrote:

You missed out the “UB”, is this on purpose? Or am I to try avoiding hitting UB. lol. I’m waiting to go home in a few hours time and hit the training mode to give this a go though.

I put in in my head to do it as I wrote so I get to UF faster to make sure I go forward and not neutral or back, I don’t often hit UB but if you do it doesn’t matter as long as you get to UF quick enough so that UF registers Instead of UB same goes for Up.

Yo Anyone know any option selects to make bison block on wakeup?

Lol Bison don’t block EX.PC all day.
Vipers has OS grab to beat EX.Psycho Crusher and HK.BK to catch teleport and avoid everything else. If he has meter OS the grab which I think is safe if he does something else except for maybe EX.Scissors and if he has no meter OS the BK, you have to bait his shit out though cause he gets out of Vipers mix-ups pretty free.

[]if he has no ex meter, jump HK OS HK BK … catch any teleport, you have to input late.
]if he has meter, like PchrisGI said… they ex PC or ex stomp all day … now I don’t even press , I walk forward then high jump back HK, if he ex PC, you hit and often it leads to a FFF combo… if not it will hit and do a reset (bison is still in the PC, not landed yet) then you can mix up (dash, overhead …whatever…)
[*]if he ex stomp, it will whiff and land in front of you …
After you got them like this a couple of time … they tend to start blocking on wake up …

I would love to main Viper but I have problems with execution, Can i get some advice on how to do the thunder knuckle and ground pound feints well with the combos?

Im sure there are a lot more videos to help with execution, but as for in combos you won’t be using siesmo feints only thunder knuckle feints. For TK feints you’ll need to use HP TK which has the shortest time frame in order to input the two punches. Me personally I use a technique called negative edge. For rapid seismo cancels you’ll be super jump canceling which is actually explained in great detail how and why it works in the C Viper Guide to Just About Everything on the main forum page. Some of the stuff in the guide is dated, but the bulk of it is still relevant and helpful.

I have a question regarding sjcing Burst Time:

Yesterday I was playing with Viper and eventually could get cr.strong and fierce into BT almost 100% of the time, today when I tried it ended up coming out as either seismo or super 95% of the time; according to the C. Viper guide I’m doing it too fast but when I try to slow it down at all I get nothing. I’ve tried

:qcf::uf::qcf: + :3p:


:qcf::qcf::uf: + :3p:

But I can only get it very rarely now, what advice do you guys have for hitting this more consistently?

:d::df::mp::f::qcf::uf: + :3p: is what I do as its a smoother motion for me instead of trying to complete the motion after hitting the normal so I don’t have to worry so much about doing it to fast/slow. Think Ryu’s FireballxxSuper(ending in :uf:) or just pick Ryu and actually do it, Also the timing changes depending what normal you SJ cancel from.

Or instead of using med punch use Light Punch… Trail 22 Its honestly that cut and dry light kick circle motions light punch circle motion 3 punches nothing really hard about it bro … but i really have a hard time doing it from med punch and i think youll get more damage from light punch because of the scaling … Also watch out for riding the gate its a smooth motions and riding the gate makes it hard for the sj to register … when you do the motion you should hear the sj sound and when you hear that quickly input the three punches …

Thanks for the advice, guys, I’ll try both of your suggestions later and see how it goes.

Also, Gracias, when you say “riding the gate” do you mean I shouldn’t be touching the gate? I didn’t know I could do it without touching it, I guess that’s where a lot of my execution errors come from.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I have an octo gate if that makes any difference regarding riding the gate. Also is a tighter stick better for not riding it?

Honestly don’t worry about the riding the gate too much, but yeah, it’s even less of an issue since you have an octo gate.

LOL simple way to beat Bison kill him before he buids meter. If he gets meter make him use it…and stay ontop of him if he has meter…safe jump him on wake up if he has meter. Because bison is always gonna do something on wake up if he has meter…his teleport you.can almost see on reaction…watch for ultra 2 on wake up when trying to inst brk. There you go…oh and try not to get cornered LOL…bottom line bison always wakes up to an ex if he has meter just kept that in mind…good luck guys

You make it sound easy lol. I never got this match so idk Bison just pisses me off, I just feel like he’s always at advantage no matter where I am but maybe I just need to be more confident that I can actually win…honestly I rather fight a Honda or Blanka than a Bison.