C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!


I try to use 62369+MK/MP after the ex.seismo hits the ground but most of the time I get the focus animation so what am I doing wrong exactly?


you’re probably not going to neutral after the first 6, this is necessary for the dash input to register.

okay my fellow C.viper players I have some questions and I really need help. I started playing C.viper a few days ago. maybe a total of 30mins of playtime. I am basically very new to super sf4 or sf4 in general. Yes i know things like shoruken for anti-air and dont through out a super or ultra randomly because bad things can happen. I got that far. I picked c.viper because she just looks so cool when she does anything. I have hear her execution is rough. about the best combo I have is c.mk,mp+thundernuckle. However what I experience was the most disheartening thing in the world one of my friend plays Sagat all I here is Tigerball tigger ball omg HIGH, LOW all day if I focus through them and try to jump at him. I get Roundhouse kick from half the screen away ultra. Or I get shoryuken to the face or from a greater distance tiger knee. Its like what can C.viper do against these type of tactics. I am sure its not cheap I just dont know how to deal with it from the lack of experience. Then my other friend who is very good. Went to evo. his combos are all on point if he lands any hit jab anything it goes into some type of Marvelous combo into a super or ultra. That is if I dont get dizzy first and then die a horrible death. I have seen wolfcrone play and its like his C.Viper looks like he can make people do things they dont want to. I can see c.viper beating people with no projectiles but what about people that have it. Some told me that utlra 1 is for newbs and ultra 2 is more practical -_-. But I never see ultra 2 in compettive play I always see ultra one. How are people sjc burning kick so low to the ground that it looks like a regular burning kick ? I have been trying to look for a guide or something. Someone please help. I saw Fei Long and he just has a anwser for everything even though he does not have a projectile like C.Viper it seems like he just has ins. He seems amazing and apparently he was nerfed. Please help.

Being new to viper and even new to sf4 … you have to accept losing for a while bro …
There’s too much thing you have to learn …
First check the subzero thread about vip … everything regarding her tech is in there…
Get your execution on point
Then you’ll start thinking about the different MU …
Also you have to start watching tons of video to see how others are doing … watch latif, krone, tonpi, uryo etc … you can even check some SF4 vanilla vids of uryo … he could handle the best vanilla sagat :wink:

good luck on this journey bro !!

subzero thread? LOL nvm the user

Yo, I was wondering how to do raw Fierce TK feints with out using LP+MP to cancel. Oh and no 3 punch button usage. Want to do raw feints. I was wondering if there is some sort of trick. Heard from a source that pressing and releasing buttons is 3 frames each, 3press+3release and F.TK is 7 frame start up so… 1 frame link cancels?

Well, you do piano and use LP+MP to cancel, how else do you wanna do it? You can actually manage to do it raw by canceling with the regular MP+HP, but good luck getting that shit anywhere close to consistent. There is no trick to it, its just pure speed. And its certainly not a 1 frame link.

Hmm, I thought I said I didn’t want to use LP+MP or maybe I was misunderstood. Anyway, yeah I forgot that you have to count the 1 frame as 2 frames to pull it off. A total of 6 frames + 1 frame leniency.

There was no misunderstanding. You asked if there was a trick to doing raw HP.Tk feints with MP+HP and diehilde told there isn’t, it’s just a matter of doing it really fast. Most just piano to LP+MP, I’m curious as to why you refuse to do it that way though.

LP+MP is more error prone than MP+HP, I rather use The same button I instantiated the move with to cancel it. Yes piano might be a bit easier but, theres so much possibility of doing ex knuckle. I don’t really take the ez way out of execution, just prefer to do it raw. Someone told me the way they do it is barely lift there finger from fp and tap mp as soon as possible.

Well I never get Ex.TK so yeah…and how is LP+MP more error prone? MP+HP is definitely harder.
Yeah you shouldn’t lift your finger off HP to save time from coming back down to hit it, While coming up from HP your other finger should be coming down simultaneously and when it meets up with the 1st finger the 1st finger should be heading back down. Hope that made sense, it’s how I think of doing it when using MP+HP method.

SSF4 AE is my first SF game, and after a million years (~100hours) of trying to learn Viper I’m finally winning about as much as I’m losing! I lose waaay too much to wake up ultras and shoryukens all day though

Anyway, I’ve got a couple questions now that I feel i’m competent enough to do something with the advice:
[]What are the best things to practice in training mode/the things I should learn first? I can combo into ultra in a match pretty consistently, but I don’t really know what else I should practice or what I should really do in training. I’m pretty good at FFF but usually mess the feint up in a match (i don’t negative edge it anymore, which actually helps), so I should do that’ more, but what else? Should I make the dummy do anything or just sit there? Super meter to refill or normal? Also, how much time should I spend in training? I think I’m currently doing about a 60/40 split between matches and training
]I don’t think Viper has much of a footsie game, but I’m terrible at it. I just get shoryuken’d out of any string of normals I try to do that isn’t a combo. Any tips?
[]Any tips just in general for Street Fighter in order to get out of C+? I haven’t been stuck too long, but I seem to hover around 500-700pp. Just time and practice?
]I’d like to practice a second character on the side, but I don’t know which would be best. I want one that has somethings that I can carry over to Viper but that doesn’t have such a high execution requirement. I’m finding that if I play too long I start not being able to do instant burn kicks as consistently, and plus I think it’d be cool to have another character’s perspective. Viper is the only character I’ve played besides trials
Thanks for your time! Any advice will help

  • Practice FFF, ur standard cr. lk, st. lk., cr. mp xx mp tk and stuff like hp tk trade - dash - ultra. Also you wanna practice Seismo Chaining. Vary the endings of your FFF combos. You should do the bk ender until you have that down 100%, which shouldnt take too long. After that you should practice meterless dash to sweep and meterless dash to ultra ender. Also learn to maximize your corner damage, ending FFF with a sjc Mp.Tk and adding 2-3 ex bks at the end (number depends on the character - pick ryu or ken and you can do 3).

Apart from those combos, you need to practice mixups and safejumps. Try getting down safejumps from back and forward throws. Back Throw is just walk forward a step, jump and hit him as low as possible. Works against 4 Frame reversals and up. Against 3 frame reversals you need to do a crossup jump to make his reversal timed srk whiff (if he delays his srk you will be hit though. Only possible way to be completely safe against 3 frame srk is empty jump). Learn how much you need to walk/wait in order for your jumpin to be crossup or not and for your jumpin to be safe. Forward throw you should practice double dash, jump in with HP, which also is safe against 4 frame and up. Use this setup against chars who have 3 frame reversals, because if you empty jump after a dbl dash, it will be safe against shoryu. The other setup is a lot harder, but you should practice it as well. After forward throw, do a single dash, hp TK feint, super jump in with HP. This one should only be used against chars who have 4 frame reversals, because you cant make it safe against 3 framers even if you empty jump (Super jump having higher recovery than normal jump).

Of course all the burnkick wakeup shenanigans should be learned as well. You also should try to learn setups that involve feint cancelling normals, like st.lk , st.lk, cr.mp xx hp tk feint - crossup bk/throw/overhead/frontal bk etc. There really is no general answer to how much time you should spend in training or in matches, it all depends in how quick you learn and how well you are able to perform stuff you do in training mode in a real match. But rest assured, if you wanna get any good with viper, you need to spend a LOT of time in training mode. I personally set the super meter to refill, its easier to tell if you did a meterless dash or messed it up and did a regular fadc that way.

For getting srkd out of normals - happens when you never feint cancel them. With viper you should really pick your pokes carefully, she really isnt that good for randomly sticking out those light buttons. If you poke, it should either be converted to a special almost instantly (like cr.mk xx mp tk) or used to lock the opponent for a moment and get a bit of frame advantage for a mixup (think cr.mp x hp tk feint, crossup bk). You shouldnt be standing there and hitting them with a lot of normals in a row because everybody knows that viper has pretty much no block strings and will srk your ass all day unless you start to bait that shit with feints. As with getting better, just time and practice as you said. Be aware though that its a lot more time and practice with viper than with most other chars to get to the same level of play. Also I would really not practice another char besides viper. There isnt a whole lot that translates over well from other chars because viper is so fundamentally different. If anything, it will slow down your progress with viper a lot because you dont invest the time into viper that you invest in another char and the knowledge you get from playing another char will probably make your viper game worse since it wont apply to viper play.

Thank you very much diehilde! Very detailed and answered all my questions. Looks like it’s back to training mode for a while then

I kinda had a feeling that I shouldn’t play characters besides Viper if i’m serious about learning her. I’ve already come this far (and believe me, it’s been a long way. Not too long ago i used to mash buttons without knowing moves when playing fighting games), so I’m down to go the rest of the way. It’s just kinda a bummer because every time I lose to some really stupid shit, I think of how I’d probably be a lot better with any other character besides Viper if I’d invested all of my Viper time into someone else. But I really think that it also just makes it that much more satisfying to win

This might have been asked multiple times already, but I really couldn’t find it.

What are some ways to combo into ex-knuckle?

I think the only ways are focus crumple, after an ex seismo, and now because of her changes in 2012, after a counter hit close standing fierce punch. Anything else would be super situational like combo movie type stuff where you would need to trade with Sims air limbs or ultra or something stupid.

Ex knuckle combos into Ex knuckle lol

I count that as focus crumple so nyah

C. Viper is a character I’ve always wanted to learn, but I just can’t seem to get a lot of damaging combos down. I’m coming from Dictator and recently gotten used to him (switched to stick). I even struggled with one of the trials, can’t remember it exactly… Something along the lines of st.lp, st.lp, cr.lk, super jump, burst time. I do the ultra too late, or end up doing an ex burn kick. Also, is it advisable to use the ppp kkk buttons? I tend to disable them, or just not use.

It doesn’t really matter, just do what feels comfy for you. when doing sjc, you need to make sure you’re canceling the ultra on the hit and making sure you’re allowing time for the super jump frames to activate. Its not a combo for rookies, don’t get bummed if you can’t get it.