C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

Thanks. Is there anything specific that I should learn? Or should I just practice the BnBs in the thread? Also is it necessary to cancel knuckle? Or is that just to be flashy/bait?

I’m by no means a great Viper player, but what I focused on when I started using her was just being consistent on my basic BnBs. When you start out, you don’t have to do anything flashy. I think it’s better to just get the feel for the character first, and then gradually move toward those more advanced combos and techniques.

Thunder knuckle feint is used for FFF and for baiting, and sometimes for other techniques such as canceling the seismo into the feint. But some players use it a lot just to be flashy. XD

is it just me or do safejumps like these([media=youtube]XGotJK-wMrY[/media]) dont work anymore?

That vid was from Vanilla. b.throw was nerfed in terms of spacing in SSFIV. You have to adjust your spacing slightly after the throw. I still use this safe jump a lot.

Hi guys, I’d like to ask a few advices for instant burn kicks.

For of all, I consider myself a below average player but I’m still persisting. I switched mains and surprisingly all the knowledge I got when I was being blow up using Viper payed of but I still think I should go back I at least try to play her some more.

So, instead of focusing on crazy execution, as I think I’ll only truly need when I reach an actually decent level, I decided to focus my current training on wake ups.
While watching some videos, please correct me if I’m wrong, I got the impressions that for example, when you are in front of your opponent and he’s about to wake up, and you wanna make them guess on which side to block the burning kick, good players usually go for the sj version, instead of the normal version.

I’d like to have this clarified for me, as I usually just do the BK of the ground (regular motion). The LK will stay in place, while the other two may switch side depending on how close you are to the opponent.
Should I be doing sj BK to try to cross them over at wake up ? If so, wouldn’t it go over them ?

Also, just since this is related to wake ups, I’d like to ask for advice on safe jumps. For example, jump in with HK when the opponent is about to wake up.
Is there a trick to it so I won’t get reversed right on the spot ?

Thanks for the help!

It’s an instant air BK, You hold down or forward for 2 seconds so a SJ doesn’t come out then do :qcb::uf::hk:
For safe jumps Viper’s safe jump setups these are from super but they should still work

SSF4 is my first street fighter as well. I’ve recently made the leap from scrub to semi-decent viper (went up 5000 points in a few weeks to rank B)… I’ll share what helped me get over the initial hump… hope it’s helpful.

diehilde already said a bunch… just a few additions:

[]Learn how to do a light burning kick on reaction when you mess up a cross-up attempt. You need to be recognize when you missed… and be able to light burning kick to avoid getting thrown when you screw up the cross-up. Most people I faced in ranks D through B know vipers mess this up a lot… and they will go for the throw - your light burn kick will hit them out of it. I get lots of easy damage using this trick.
]People like to panic-mash srk’s against viper. If you’re getting srk’ed out of normals, try stopping your strings one step short of where you normally get hit, block their srk and punish.
[]From my experience, Ryu makes a good side character. His hadokens and ultra/super links will carry over to viper’s 2-hitter strings and Seismic or fierce thundle knuckles FADC’ed into ultra
]Watch lots of youtube vids (Kindevu, Latif, Wolfkrone, Kayo Police, Uyro, Marn, FlashMetroid, Joe). After watching several different high level vipers you should get a feel for her basic shens - and build up your own little tricks.

is viper a good way to learn good button execution for noobs??

In terms of links/combos I’d say no. Vipers hard execution is from SJC’ing stuff, FFF, Feints, & the different types of BK’s, basically things with precise input timing…her combos aren’t hard they’re all 2 frame links or more I believe. Besides with Viper your mostly just doing BK’s, grabs, Seismo’s, CR.MK/MPxxMP.TK, & FFF, the only link you’ll do is CR.LP, ST.LK, CR.MP which is used mainly as a block string into a mix-up.

If you want to practice execution for links/combos Cammy & Rose require good execution to pull off their combos but considering your knew to the game I say just pick Ryu he’s the best starter character IMO, his combos require a fair amount of execution & aren’t to easy or to hard so you’ll be challenged but not overwhelmed. Also picking him will help you learn the fundamentals of the game better then say if you picked Viper, I played Viper first and I had to go back & learn Ryu because I didn’t understand the fundamentals of the game.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile: cammy is actually one of the characters iv’e been from the start along with juri, but i gotta say i should try ryu to get a grasp of the fundamentals like you said. iv’e also been using makoto from time to time, but i’m not so used to her movement.

What do you guys do against opp’s who do a lot of jump back and forth on opposite side of screen - staying completely out of range of seismos? I assumed this was scrub tactic (I see mostly ken/ryu players doing this), but I see A level players do this too in replays against other good Viper players… sometimes for 15 seconds at a time. It’s a bloody nightmare trying to catch them with seismos (if you guess wrong and they jump at you instead of jump back, you eat a ton of damage).

Makes me feel like a true scrub… this simple tactic is requiring so much patience/precision to deal with :\

Lmao Balrogs tend to do this to me all the time but yeah as annoying as it is it’s a real tactic, as much time as Viper spends in the air she doesn’t dominate it. Don’t bother with Seismo’s, feinting or BK’S just space yourself so that they can’t forward jump and AA all day while walking them to the corner, they’ll either corner themselves or stop jumping around. It’s easy to get annoyed though when playing someone like that which causes you stop thinking correctly cause in your mind your just like argggg let me hit you so I can destroy you and unleash all my rage on your ass lol

Even though I know how to deal with it when I come cross someone doing it I just go into rage mode & get owned by stupid crap cause I’m to busy doing random full screen super jumps, random Seismo’s & EX.TK’s trying to get a single hit in to think correctly. Basically main thing is to not get flustered or annoyed & try to stay clear headed.

Do any of you guys find your viper performing better against good players, and struggling against bad players?

After I hit middle B rank and play almost nothing but B and above, everything got easier - my win percentage skyrocketed. Even with that, if I happen to play a string of D and C players now, I find having to play hard to win - same as before… especially against shotos and seth.

When I play against bad players, I have to throw all my tricks and resets out the window because they’re mashing throws/reversals/ultras the instant I start a juggle string. I end up having to safely poke and 2-hit string them to death in a drawn out match. Not being able to use her tricky explosive stuff puts viper at a disadvantage (IMO)

The good player is a puzzle I can decipher. The bad player is a black box and a timebomb. Figuring out whether or not that C/D ranked player is good or bad and radically adjusting my play at the beginning of the match is a challenge I struggle with - I usually end up eating big damage while I figure it out :frowning:

Wondering what your experiences are

I’v complained about this before & it still pisses me off. I was fine in Super when I was an A+ rank fighting other A’s & B’s but in AE I didn’t bother playing ranked much so I’m a B and I’v developed an overly safe play style due to playing lower ranked players which hurts my Viper play at an higher lvl as I won’t do my setups & shenanigans cause I’m do busy being safe trying not to eat the random DP that never happens.
I got to a point where I play Ken, Cammy, or Rose specifically for fighting low ranks & keep Viper & Ryu for the higher ups.

man i feel like an idiot for asking this but ive been playing viper since vanilla and the damnest thing happened

im doing a burnkick on a characters wake up and they just jump out what could every character always do that? specifically in the corner doing a sjc lk bk i think. I guess it wasnt meaty enough

and when knocking down an opponent and going for a normal jump bk on a chars wake up if they auto correct i timed it wrong? i wish i knew how auto corrects worked theyre so god damn annoying


I don’t know about the jumping out of BK thing although I’v had something similar happen to me occasionally where people just jump out of my jump-in attempts on their wake-up, I always tell myself to test this as it makes no sense but it always slips from my mind.
It’s most likely me just miss timing my setup though, probably same for you.

Auto correct works by inputting the command of X move & waiting till the opponent is behind you so that your character turns around to face the opponent and then pressing the button to initiate said move. I assume it’s easy to do against a normal jump BK for how floaty it is giving the opponent some time to delay their input, the opponent of course has to know your gonna do that BK to delay their reversal so much as that BK setup is meant to beat out DP’s & most people will DP as soon as they see you airborne.

hm i see i guess i really do gotta buckle down and get the timing of my bk set ups down and probably go incoporate some new ones

been playing the same way since super its time to change that…but thats kind of hard considering shes had no major changes in her game plan

Took a harder look at my opponents ranks. Even at higher matches (6000-9000bp) I end up playing a lot of games where I have to play super simple (and boring). It’s only when I play 10k+ bp people that I can consistently play to her full potential. Those 10k players are few and far between though… leaving me to play uninteresting matches in the meantime. Really frustrating and makes me wanna stop playing :\

so funny that you say that because i feel the same. maybe i will also start playing a diff character for lower ranks lol

Here’s the auto-pilot BP leveling guide for Viper :slight_smile:

D - KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Play slow, play safe, don’t use tricks. If your opp. has an ultra, don’t even think about feinting.
C - Be aggressive and have fun. Consecutive Seismic block strings eat these guys alive
B - Get them in the corner, knock them down, do a lk while opponent’s grounded, then SJC into l.bk until they’re dead. Don’t mind the occasional opponent who doesn’t fall for it.

B+ and above - Have your moment of self-reflection and realize majority of your time getting to 10,000BP was a waste - most of the people you played had no clue how to handle viper’s speed and gimmicks. Be prepared to go back to the drawing board to get rid of the bad habits you learned to get here.