C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

I’m watching Wolfkrone at CEO right now, How does he do those burn kicks from the ground too a cross up? I mean, I understand doing a instant burn kick by going from down to UF, but I see them move forward and hit be hide there target. How in the world you do that cross up?

Okay, I been looking at videos for it.


At 3:08. Krone does a Burn kick that I been talking about, what is the inputs for a burn kick cross up on the ground like that?

The most simple notion for crossup BK is :db::uf::d::db::b: + :hk:. The faster you input the BK motion, the lower to the ground it comes out.

Since Wolfkrone is a pad player, the travel time for his motions is really fast. Also, doing this motion on pad isn’t as awkward as doing it on stick (at least for me).

There are other ways to do this burn kick. Latif does essentially does a chicken wing motion and then rolls the stick back for the QCB motion. It looks something like this:

:db::d::df::f::uf::qcb: + :hk:

That is also really awkward for me to do, so I do a different motion entirely. What I do is something similar to the instant BK motion. My method is really weird and it works for me, but I would highly suggest learning it the proper way.


:d::db::b::ub::u::uf: + :hk:

Thanks, It has been coming out way more now.

hey guys…

i too have this problem of keeping the focus action

i dont get what you mean by going to neutral after the first 6

do you mean: 6 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 6+ 9 + (MK+MP) = Dash?

They are input directions. Look at it this way:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

:ub: :u: :uf:
:b: N :f:
:db: :d: :df:

yes i know they are input directions

i was asking if 652369 mkmp pulls the dash out

thanks anyway

My bad. That was like at 9 am. My eyes were apparently half way closed when I read your post.

But yes. You have to go back to neutral else you just get the FA. 652369 MP+MK is the way that I do it at least.

Stick players - what are your setups? I’ve been using standard jap. stick with square gate for like 2 years. (Used to play on korean stick). I love the short throw of the jap. stick, but the square gate gets frustrating at times - especially with SJC cancel stuff and instant burn kick stuff (as I roll the qcf motion quickly, I can miss the diagonal input).

Wondering what other Viper players are using (you viper players out there with excellent execution). What are the top viper stick players using for their setups.

I like to do 32149 for sj instant burn kicks…the 3214 isnt as fast as some would think… Once learned its really fast and easy imo…

I use the madcatz Arcade Edition TE stick & never had problems with its square gate, I just roll the stick along the gate making sure I hit the corners as not miss an input.

Why not just buy an octagonal gate if the square one is bothering you…it doesn’t matter what others are using just use what’s most comfortable to you.

Anyone know how to get the exburnkick corner loop to work? i hear you have to TK them but even then no luck? is it character specific? does it require a specific height or combo to work?

The number of times you can do it is character specific, also it’s an instant air EX.BK that’s used not a SJ EX.BK.

list of how many can be done on all characters

Is using negative edge necessary for fierce feint fierce? I just started learning it but I am having some troubles doing it with the negative edge. I find it easier doing it without the negative edge.

I’ve been working on seismo meterless fadc. Whenever I try it I get a regular focus attack instead of a dash (to clarify, it’s not an ex focus). Does anyone know what is causing this?

No it is not, It’s easier to do without the negative edge…It just there if you want to press one less button.

Your dash input isn’t coming out hence the no F+Dash, I do :f::qcf::uf::f:…what are you using?

I do :f::qcf::uf:. I realized that my first forward input wasn’t actually coming out, so the dash wasn’t buffered.

i have troubles vs vega wall move. i know i can focus him, c.mp or s.mk (but i get throwned) i use neutral j.hk to beat vega but i get very vulnerable to ex wall moves o random ultras. some one know to beat that?
thanks in advance.

Super jump+j.mp is one way(see Uryo vs Makoto’s Vega.)

How do you guys fight Yuns?