C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

What is the recover time for L. TK. It goes under projectiles when timed right. im constantly being bated into alot of random ish though.

-2 on block aka the only thing that i know of that could punish it is a reversal super demon.

quick question: do you use different strength flame kicks to juggle from different range groundpounds? I stick to r.k flamekick for juggles to cover the distance, but wasn’t sure if this is the best technique.

I was reading thru Kunai’s mini guide, great stuff in there, but i didn’t see if Viper’s F+MP was throwable or not by normal and command grabs, anyone know?


I’m not sure exactly how to say this but recently i’ve been able to beat wake up shoryu’s with BK’s that hit behind their fist, i know this is a bad description but it’s 8am, if you time your jump so that you are behind themon wake up and do wk BK it should be gg against the shoryu. i’m gonna test more on it after i get home.


Depends on if she’s airborne on the first frame or not. Try recording Viper doing it in training mode and see if you can throw her. If it’s like HP Thunder Knuckle where it takes her a couple frames to leave the ground then people will be able to grab you. Which isn’t a huge problem since you obviously wanna take to the air with the move before they can do that in the first place.

So grabs don’t really have start up frames if she has to be airborne in the 1st frame of the overhead? Sorry about the questions if they seem like common knowledge but i’m tryna get all the information i can, aspiring to be tournament level ASAP.

Well what I’m trying to say is that there are certain moves in the game that get you off the ground pretty much at frame one or 2. Like the shotos dragon punch or Bison’s devil reverse (charge down, up +P) is known for this. Meaning it’s normally not possible to throw them out of it once they start it. Same goes for Fei Long’s f+MK. Or at least that’s the way it was in ST. Once you press f+MK he’s considered airborne and no longer throwable.

Whereas with moves like Viper’s HP Thunder Knuckle…even though the move looks like she flies into the air pretty quickly there’s definitely some frames you can visibly see where she hasn’t left the ground yet and the game therefore allows her to be thrown in those frames. Meaning if the opponent can anticipate you’ll HP knuckle on wake up they’ll throw you out of the closest thing Viper has to a dragon punch. :lol:

Oh ok thanks for that, I’m at work at the moment and they said i can’t play video games even though nothing else is going on so i can’t test it but it’s on my sticky of things to do on SF4 when i get home.

they won’t let me play videogames at work either. what a rough life. :lol:


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Quick question about the sjc>instant fk. When I’m trying it I can’t seem to get the arc of the kick right, I’m seeing it be done so that a player can pretty much go one side to the other while keeping as low to the ground as possible but anytime I try it I seem to go further up than across, the motion I’m using is :db::uf::d::db::l:

Is there a better way of doing the input or is it just down to how fast you input the move.

I used to think there was a trick to it, but all it really depends on is how fast you input the BK after you SJ.

I use a stick and this is how i do it. In one smooth quick motion:


Your way should work as well. It just takes practice.

if u want the kick as low as possible, u have to be walking forward and do hcb to uf then kick theres no timing do that and it will work every time, btw this is instant and will cross up on grounded opponent very quickly, once again this works 100 percent if ur walking forward

No real humanly possible way to do the high jump then input burning kick and have it be “instant”. In most cases you will probably go over their head and get punished badly.

qcb or hcb then :uf: + k is the best way, just takes timing.

A very good example of the instant burning kick cross up can be found here: [media=youtube]G-MBsVKNqFU[/media]

Dashio totally rapes in the second round with it. Pretty sure he is using the QCB UF method, you can see him whiff it at one point in the match.

hcb uf then kick requires no timing, the qcb requires strict timing as much as it doesnt make sense u will c if u try the hcb method

Yes and no, what you are describing is a insta jumping bk, it can be done anytime not just from walking. Problem is that it does not travel far.

What people in here are asking is how to make the SJ BK go low as possible, which is a much more practicle move imo.

the crossovers in the video where realy cool would love to know exactly how to do them (wich K?) wich motions? is there a way to visible verify the diffrenzce betwean a ground bk and a HJ bk? is there dust on the feed if it was a early one? i did not see dust at all in the videos…

is it like dalsims instant airteleport? (hard to understand easy to perform??)a move every viper player want to know could someone try to write a tutorial?

RE: Backwards Burning Kicks.

Has anyone found a reliable input to get these off? I’m referring to a burning kick that goes backwards without doing a jump or super jump backwards beforehand (visibly). It just looks like a reverse Standing Heavy Burning Kick.

EDIT: Actually it looks like it just might be an instant BK with UB instead of UF. Shoulda read a few posts up

It works great on spacing without leaving yourself vunerable for long, and against boxer it punishes dash punches safely.