C. Viper Question

Ok so I have started to play viper recently and have got her down pretty good with the combos of the seismo when it hits but one thing i do not know how to do is when i see the pro’s play her they can seismo instantaneously it seems like one after the other.
Basically I have no clue how to do this and wonder if anyone could tell me how to do it.
Oh and if there are any SRK Admins looking at this I REALLY REALLY appreciate those tournament dates and links to their streams on the main page by far the best update to the site but i love the other stuff too. :woot:

The way you do repeated seismo hammers is with highjump cancelling. For example when you do a normal seismo, you know that you can highjump out of the recovery of it right? thus the seismo -> high jump burn kick combo. Well you can actually cancel the startup of that highjump with another special move. An example of this is in viper’s hard trial 5 where it requires you to highjump cancel your seismo into a grounded roundhouse burn kick into ultra. Using highjump cancelling it is also able to perform combos like seismo -> mp thunder knuckle, and cr.mp -> hjc ultra.

Ok so how do you do it? What you basically want to do is buffer the move you want to do inside of the highjump input. So for seismo -> seismo you would do :dp: + :p: -> :dp::uf: + :p:. If you time your second seismo right you’ll execute the seismo during the startup of your super jump animation. You can also perform a 3rd and 4th seismo in succession as well.

If you want more detailed information on this stuff check out the viper forums, or look at the 5th post in this thread.

The timing is what is tough to learn. The best practice for this is to practice vs. Sagat and set him to block all attacks. He’s so big that fierce siesmo will hit him full screen blocking. once you “feel” the timing you’ll understand the repeat seismo trick better but untill then just watch for the dust cloud around viper, and not the cloud hitting your opponent, that’s the timing to input the punch. You can refine it later once you start getting the hang of it, then it becomes almost like a standard move to add to your bag.

TheLastWolves gave the best motion for the move (in my opinion) but just remember you can “cheat” the movement by doing
your second siesmo like this:

forward, down, down-forward, forward, up-forward, punch

That turns it into a smooth roll, and is what I use personally.

Some extra things to remember, the first seismo MUST connect, that is either hit or be blocked, or you can’t high jump cancel. Also, your opponent can jump away from a repeat siesmo but NOT a repeat EX seismo. Doing a repeat siesmo AFTER an EX seismo is a faster timing, but doing an EX seismo after a normal siesmo is the same timing as mentioned above.

Pro side tip unrelated to your question: doing the “second siesmo” motion 2 times and hitting focus will give you her no meter dash cancel as well. It’s a lot of hand movement but a decent way to get it working until you have a solid way of doing it.

Thanks guys,
I was wondering why when i do the seismo -> flame kick why the super jump animation didnt show now i know :slight_smile:
But, I actually just got my first stick today (the first TE stick) so im learning ryu on stick just to learn how to play on it but when i get good enough to do some cancelling andFADCing stuff i’ll go try this out

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